wandering along

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A poem about coming to the realization that not only is your life blowing around on the wind but your relationship, as well.

wandering along

I must remember
to never forget
what applies here
does not apply there
and never did
I wake
as the dream fades
the screen grows dark
and the curtains close
the audience
files quietly out of the theater
I open my eyes
only to find
I am alone in this room
still haunted by you
I shouldn't want you now
I shouldn't need you now
I shouldn't think about how
we feasted greedily on forbidden fruit
engorged ourselves
the juices dripping from our chins
even as the pleasure
began to flee from our skin
the fire raging
turning our lust into molten sin
I do not need any more reasons
to give up
give in
throw in the towel
take a hike
what I need is a reason
to rise above it
get around it
over it
through it
push it out of my mind
pay it no heed
tell it to fuck off
or get lost
please God
let me forget I ever knew you
but you are stuck in my mind
way back there
as the crow flies
our meandering lives
curving and turning
like a river
always seeking the path of least resistance
never settling in one place for too long
always winding
sometimes fast
sometimes slow
but always on it goes


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