we should consider investing in children

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this page talks about how children are a resource that we should invest in, indeed children are a resource both for the present and also the future life.

Children Are A Resource worth Investing In

Children are a resource and a big treasure, there cannot be the next generation without children today, if we cannot invest in children today then we cannot reap tomorrow’s fruits of success, we need to give in all the needed resources to ensure that children are safe and secure. According to the reports by, it should take into account that their costs (including opportunity costs like family’s time, productivity losses), predicted benefits, how resources are going to be raised to finance them and how the burden is going to be shared among various actors (example government, individuals, private sector, community agencies, donor agencies and so forth). An important issue with regard to the distribution of costs is the capacity to bear the burden of specific measures.

Should this capacity be insufficient, alternative sources of finance (example. external aid) may be necessary. Costs borne by affected countries bring issues of inequality to the fore (for example, wealthier countries may be able to access private sector services where poorer countries probably will not). For performance evaluation, remind us that indicators and monitoring systems are needed to track effectiveness of policies laid down in relation to children’s rights. With regard to impact of responses, current or future prevention and treatment interventions and their predicted impact need to be incorporated to a greater extent in macroeconomic impact studies.

Ainsworth highlights that most macro studies attempted to estimate the impact of street life while assuming that the epidemic will continue in the absence of effective cures and preventive treatment. Yet some countries have begun to introduce foster family care for destitute street children with the intention of scaling up outreach significantly. Over and above their impact on homelessness and joblessness (with economic consequences), these rehabilitation programmes could also give rise to the emergence of resistant strains or behavioural change among young adults living on the streets. This needs to be considered and included in macro analysis.


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author avatar Shamarie
24th Dec 2014 (#)

Good article, Tafmona, thanks for sharing! We should invest in Children because they are our future trailblazers!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Dec 2014 (#)

yes yes yes! so important and to teach them the greater things in life...loving, caring, sharing and their history and fairy tales that carry so much wisdom of the ages...happy holidays my friend...

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author avatar viewgreen
24th Dec 2014 (#)

Awesome article and of course that's right because a very valuable treasures for the future is the children. Thank you for share this information. :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Dec 2014 (#)

When parents and adults set the right example, half the battle is won. Thanks Tafmona for the thoughtful share - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
25th Dec 2014 (#)

Indeed my Tafmona, teach your children well as the song says as they are our future

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author avatar Kingwell
1st Jan 2015 (#)

I agree! Parents must invest in their children for they are the future. Children need to be taught love an compassion! Blessings.

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