when hope becomes the enemy

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This poem is about placing your hope in someone who is damaged beyond repair and finally realizing, after a long and torturous relationship, that the person you are with is not good for you. You slowly came to the realization that they were toxic and the hope you had that things could work out became your enemy. Hope should never be your enemy.

when hope becomes the enemy

sometimes acceptance
is letting go of hope
letting go of the hope
that someone can change
letting go of the hope
that there is any possibility
or chance
that things could improve
sometimes acceptance
is removing yourself
from the picture
because someone
or the situation
is no longer good for you
hope can keep you in a bad place
hope can lead you down the wrong road
and it isn't until later that you realize
hope is not what you needed
what you needed
was to move on
to let go
letting go of hope can set you free
you have to know when to let it go
before it drowns you
pulls you down with it
tears you apart
and slowly destroys you
especially when it is used against you
at some point
after you have exhausted every resource
in your heart and soul
and endured as much pain
and punishment
as you can stand
you need to see it for what it really is
a hallucination
a mirage
the enemy
it's the jumbo jet you are piloting
and the plane is out of control
every onboard system has failed
it is nose diving to the ground
and you know in the back of your mind
this is it
it's over
sayonara amigo
but you keep fighting it
you keep pulling on the yoke
you keep struggling
because too many lives are at stake
including yours
yet nothing is happening
the ground is getting closer
and closer
you are going to crash
in a huge fire ball
the explosion will be nothing less than spectacular
looking down
you realize you are about to crash into a field
and in the field
looking up at you
is a little brown rabbit
out loud
you yell
"run bunny run"
at this point
you can hope for some kind of miracle
let go of hope
get on the intercom
and calmly say
"this is your captain speaking"
"flight attendants, please pour champagne for everyone"
"and bring me a large shot of whiskey"
"thank you"
"oh, and enjoy the rest of your life, er, I mean flight"


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10th Jan 2018 (#)

NICE but long let's see how many read it hardly anyone comments on wiki

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