when it was over

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This poem is about the changes that occur when a relationship ends, whether it is marriage or whatever. The changes can be slow but they are necessary.

when it was over

sunlight turns into night
night into sunlight
the process repeats itself
over and over and over
as we slowly rotate around
the brightest star in the sky
I have thought about you
and all the things we said
and did
but I no longer wonder where
you are and what you are doing
or how things might have
turned out if we were still together
I know in my heart that things
turned out for the best
it turned out the way
it was meant to be
I want you to know
I don't feel trapped anymore
I feel it is important for you to know that
it doesn't feel important that I say it
to your face
but it feels right that I should at least
acknowledge it to myself
I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened
or how
but it did
one day
it was just there
the feeling of being free
it was beautiful
and exciting
and eye opening
as if I had been waiting for it to end
so my life could finally begin
it was a rebirth of sorts
whatever doubts
or fears
or apprehensions I had are gone now
completely gone
all those insecurities I courted
because of you
I have cast away
like a child outgrowing certain toys
we haven't spoken for months now
and that feels good
it feels right
there really isn't anything to say anyway
we said everything there is to say
we have both moved on from that place
that place we both grew to hate
the place you couldn't wait to run away from
and later
so much later
I would run away from


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