where are you

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A poem about my fading belief that there really is such a thing as soulmates.

where are you

does such a thing really exist
why do I feel like it’s not in the cards for me
I seem to be on a different page
the wrong galaxy
or I’m living the wrong life
I struggle to let go of this dream
what I wouldn’t give to make it come true
carve out my still beating heart
and give it to you
so you can place it in a jar
and keep it beside your bed
then you would always know
always know
how much I ache for you
and what you mean to me
there is the part of me
that keeps saying
I do not care anymore
but it’s a lie
and I know it
I do care
and it’s slowly killing me
it’s slowly driving me into the ground
nothing softens the blow
not what I think
not what I know
I’m quickly losing hope
I struggle to rise above it
I feel myself spiraling down
a pilot who has lost control
I will never know the best part of me
because it can never exist
without you
I’m tired of praying to God
to bring you to me
I’m tired of looking into every strangers face
and wondering
is that her
could it be
I stagger through each day
as another red sun rises
above these rolling Oklahoma hills
I hate the thought
that I will never get the chance
to say
I love you


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