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A look at a least one theory as to how so many fights and wars get started.

fight or flight

I would like to postulate a theory for why humans seem to always want to get involved in war, and why there is so much strife on a personal lever as well. It often seems that the "fall back" action anytime there is a disagreement or some of difference discovered between two or more people is condemnation up to and including outright violence. Why is that?

One theory, I have heard expressed and really believe has a certain degree of validity is the "way we are made" whether you define that as being some variety of creation theory, or evolution. The thesis goes that humanity, in order to survive, had to have a "fight or flight" reaction and to be able to determine those like me and those NOT like me.

Those NOT like me could be anything from a tiger, lion, or another wild animal, or it could be those from a different tribe of human. Any of those COULD be the enemy since they were different. The reaction that just kind of got built in was to run for safety or to attack to defend oneself or ones interest. What one might call the "us and them" division. Those determined to be different were to be avoided as a possible, even probable, threat.

What if, as the theory says, and I tend to believe, all the wars and feuding is actually a outgrowth of that "different is a possible danger" paradigm? Here we are, in the early part of the 22nd century AD, with nuclear bombs that can devastate the planet many times overs, still working out of a rather gut level "fight or flight" viewpoint.

Wouldn't that mean that humanity might need to "grow up" and quite defining different as bad and a threat? Let me hear what you think?!!


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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Mar 2015 (#)

well the fight or flight theory is from psychology with an explanation for the caveman and handed down to us as what we do about fear, to we run and hide or do with fight the enemy like a lion. I guess it could be extended to war only I don't quite see, but then I do, I guess, those that are afraid of their adversaries may choose to fight or flight. Well done

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Mar 2015 (#)

Fear doesn't have to be of a group - it could apply to an idea, or thought process. Take the nuclear arms build up in the 50's and 60's...were we really afraid of Russians, or their ideas?

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author avatar M G Singh
7th Mar 2015 (#)

Alistair Mclean wrote " Fear is the Key". I think that about sums up mans approach in this world. Anyway history is just about wars ?

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Mar 2015 (#)

A most interesting article! I agree with Madan in that "fear is the key". There is another reason of course and that is that others have something that we want and we try to take it by force. Throughout history too there have been those who just wanted power - to rule the world that is. Good post. Blessings.

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author avatar pohtiongho
31st Aug 2015 (#)

You people may not know that wars are brewing in the South China Sea? Please read on:
The US recently pledged a US patrol craft to the Vietnamese navy. Was it because China had reclaimed over 2000 acres of land by 2015 in the South China Sea? Some of the ASEAN countries don’t wish to make a choice between China and the US, except the Philippines and Vietnam. The Chinese had also constructed a 3Km runway for handling fighter jets. The Chinese are merely catching up with rivals who have also built airfields and other infrastructure there on their own islets and reefs. Obama administration has no consensus answer to stop Chinese muscle-flexing.
Why did the US invite a CNN crew on board a surveillance flight over islands claimed by China, and broadcasted the radio challenges by Chinese military on the ground? US aircraft’s crew rebuffed eight warnings during its flight, saying that was international airspace. US had violated the Chinese sovereignty. Why are US spy planes routinely patrolling China’s coast? Should US back Vietnam and the Philippines at any price? Vietnam and the Philippines have classified Beijing’s interests in the South China Sea as maritime and territorial ambitions, which is not true. Beijing was only protecting what was under Chinese rule for more than 2000 years.
Under international law, a nation controls 12 nautical miles around islands and coasts. For the issues in the South China Sea, everyone has a different idea of where he stands between China and US.
Lucrative arms business must be the objective of those who are fanning for wars in the South China Sea? Is China militarizing, or is it wrong for China to upgrade its armed forces? The Chinese needed to have better armed forces after the Mao-era. Beijing is beefing up its hold over hotly disputed islands, so why don’t you send your armed forces to attack China now? Why is the US pressuring China by publicizing a surveillance flight over contested islands in the South China Sea? Chinese dredging activity provoked a diplomatic protest from Manila in February 2015. If China is wrong, why are the Philippines not able to declare war on China now to solve this pressing problem, since they have a big brother behind, the U.S.?
Can we be the technological and entrepreneurial powerhouse if we keep on looking for chances to agitate other nations?

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