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In todays world do we keep others initiating there everyday bad habits.or do we make mandatory intervention to teach also to break bad habits.teaching and learning there are healthier battles to substantiate. instead of bad habits of remaining behaviors reflecting not self worth.yet only reflections of previous or current degrading actions,both by verbal,as well as unlawful crime as in coming not caring for there futures.

a view about others

In the truth of it.are we all almost just as one in,comparison.in some eyes of other people ,they find diversified a unknown origin .not popular .I believe that for the most part everybody is in possession of gifts ,skills,that to some are noticed or go unnoticed too.there have been different movements whether they be right ,or it be wrong altogether giving too much leniency to others.I believe in the future there will be rules about people on welfare,disability ,homeless,etc.there is a bunch of corruption as we all most know.they just keep with the help of those that are criminal minded.though,it be known some don't date do the crimes and keep focused to not utter about others what may be done.

other peoples sounding ways

I am not going to preach,or rant ,as others would so.I think the disabled will be surely the next to continue to do assorted crimes ,acting out more often with crimes of injustice.there may as well be metal detectors in the retail store entrances too.if you think this is exaggerated think again after enough crimes occur this could be it.the strictest measures could be as a landslide as rules come forth slightly inner fairness will become more shaken as peoples rights get to become eroded surely.that saying will the authoritative unfocused mentally.we will be walked around on leashes.or hypothetically here is more pills ,get back into your cage until your doctors appointments .put your calmer senses to rest.I sometimes wonder though.I really think thought there will be a underfunded absence then the boulders will fall and the disabled will become more adventures in actions towards authority figures of the law,the politicians ,plus comments as a while.it will surely cause the media to reinforce some wi'll dated stigmas as those in politics will too.There is to be more loudness from the disabled when they realize more then there voice telling as well as swearing will be thinly then they'll" use absurd actions to protest too.I say I don't condone violence or senseless actions because there is no coffee,or increase of cost of living in finances either.others will though.I like the prospect of working to some extent to supplement other incomes.I won't protest a non smoking sign,as would other persons chain smoking there checks away.fumbleing for there cigarettes as if it is a majestic symbol like as if there everyone else smoking.I think they should have more enforced retirements"of what they need to do if they collect social security.how about mandatory computer classes,or job training online work from home employment also in the community too for jobs.org also mandatory classes in community schools like adult reeducation classes .this time make it mandatory then the disabled will make a Rucus yet they'll"eventually trade it in or go homeless too.to be honest some people that are homeless will give free foodstamps or there give good filled paper bags to others for a second hand used couch in sometimes house to sleep in.what do the disabled do they say they the words I will pay you or owe you next month.then they skip there issue coffee shops ,or convenience stores for cigarettes .why?because they know you are waiting for them to repay us what is owed for money.

not a give me society as some others think of it asas

I say bring back the job or trade programs in a increase of them in variety .make it mandatory have someone check the disabled people as to see if they are in these classes ,jobs ,there programs,or doing work at home blogging.then they realize and wake up to see they don't just go to places to hang out to badger others for nicotine,and pan handling for money.or make more work incentives Available.justly do these same things for the welfare recipients too.tell them for example they have to have a telecommute employment.have a percentage of they money received go towards a used laptop also classes too.does it happen?no it does not.instead they do there substance abuse,chain smoke,and drink there beers,and coffee or commit crimes unlawfully.know wonder the rich don't like the homeless camped
Out panhandling in front of outdoor stores,or businesses.the politicians,plus the advocates of the disabled would cry loudly discrimination,there human rights,there rights as people.what may I ask is the daily or weekly routines of mentally I'll people chain smoking ,walking around town with there Dunkin doughnuts coffee cups doing for them.nothing.oh yet we can not forget ,or overlook those in the health and human services that enforce these habits or just allow it to continue with there clients.I am dismayed to see this happening so much in my daily,weekly travels that,it just confounds me to see this.I look out there way in disgust .not sympathy no longer but disgust for longer periods now.what happened to people?is this what there parents,or relatives really wanted.know but some of the unruly swearing ,pan hassling,habits,or laziness of the homeless,also disabled,plus welfare recipients cause these relatives to stray away and discontinue communications with these persons.it is alarming to see this.people why does this continue?send the mentally I'll, the welfare recipients to programs mandatory with breaks for smoking and force verbally as a signed agreement if they want there benefits they concede also submit to structured learning programs in the shelters,there homes by computer interaction,community colleges,or volunteer jobs, or community work ,as well as trade learning of skills.I have seen some really responsibility type persons I have actually talked or randomly associated with previous do this under the table or just ly supplementing there incomes.please share this article to others as in your welcome to comment too.I must say I am working on trade skills to learn from others I must say that my assisted living program keeps me educated,motivated ,also seeing that being disabled plus trying to relearn various skills is challenging sometimes as being with learning challenges,or cognitive processing information.yet even before I became invoked worn them I was motivated.yet now being involved they steer me in various recovery ways for various types also reinforcing things that I am appreciative for in learning,also self existing ,along with the know how .challenges we all must face it is just how we approach them that affect us.


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