~Children of Baghdad/Boulder Radio~

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~ lamerica, clothed in great warring monuments of glory ~ Jim Morrison ~ what are morals to us sons of god ~ Nietzsche ~ you are as much responsible for the Vietnam war as I am for killing these people ~ Charles Manson ~ the tragedy “man” & its hero, the conqueror worm ~ Poe ~

~Children of Baghdad/Boulder Radio~

Involve me in your ringing, a chorus of minor voices, symphony of bells, as I contemplate the end days, Children of Baghdad speaking of dancing the day before, refusing parent’s orders to flee to the countryside.

Your pealing cascade descends, delivers me to the fall. They lay broken in the street, voices on the radio, those same, bombs falling, Children of Baghdad chanting in mumbles of terror, those bodies where children once lived reduced to tender-places of fear.

The war men shock and awe playground bullies bragging, shoulders pinned back swagger. You may give fear our name, those whom survive this assault. We will name you liberated and expect you to act so in the company of your conquerors.

This is no salt to heal your wounds, missiles to bring you peace and neutralize your bells. Children of Baghdad, I have turned off my radio. Witness to your loss of innocence, it is more than I can bear to witness your demise.

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
~Warrior Angelo~
~Situated Western~

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author avatar joan marie
25th Mar 2011 (#)

Like Marilyn Manson says, "What doesn't kill you leaves a scar." It breaks my heart to know what so many children suffer throught everyday, as I sit watching tv, a refrigerator full of food, etc, Nice Writing. joan marie

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author avatar WordWulf
25th Mar 2011 (#)

Thanks. These wars on entire civilizations are the one deeper sadness.

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author avatar christopheranton
31st Mar 2011 (#)

It was always thus, and I expect that
as long as man endures it
will not change significantly.
Thanks for a vivid and very
powerful poem.

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author avatar WordWulf
31st Mar 2011 (#)

A wild hope is that mankind might one day rise above it.

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