~Day 984~Canine Chuckles~

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~four months after I moved to California~Kathy decided I needed something to keep me busy~to take my mind off the 1300 miles between my kids & me~she gifted me Cinder~a five month old German Shepherd~I’ve learned a lot from that dog in 22 months~Momma said she’d come back as a dog to make sure I behaved myself~I wonder about that~

~Canine Chuckles~

~1000 Days~
~Day 984~
~Canine Chuckles~

~you see, the dog wants in~
~she’s scratching at the door~
~you see, the dog wants out~
~she’s scratching at the door~
~it’s the ooze, the spilled pasta~
~who’s the boss here I~
~clean her doo-doo from the floor~
~a dog whisperer told me~
~dogs can understand 97 commands~
~each one accentuated~
~by a body signature~
~can’t say the same for myself~
~I’ll probably gesture “come”~
~when I mean for her to “go”~
~neither of us will know~
~whether she’s comin’ or goin’~

~at least at that point~
~the dog & I are on equal footing~
~have ya ever seen a dog laugh~

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
~ The Boy & the Wulf ~
~Pets & Life Management~
~Day 985~


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th Jun 2011 (#)

Love it!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Jun 2011 (#)

Pets make life way more interesting dont they?

Enjoyed your poetry.

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author avatar WordWulf
12th Jun 2011 (#)

Yes, they do & they like me even on a day when I don't shower.

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author avatar Dsadsad
12th Jun 2011 (#)

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author avatar Retired
12th Jun 2011 (#)

That had me chuckling WW. Who takes who for a walk I wonder?

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author avatar Retired
12th Jun 2011 (#)

Outstanding poem, thanks!

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author avatar Songbird B
12th Jun 2011 (#)

Loved this Tom! As a dog owner myself, I know just where you are coming from...lol..
Definitely one of my favourites...

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author avatar WordWulf
13th Jun 2011 (#)

I believe the leader takes me for a walk. That's probably what she's laughing about!

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
27th Jun 2011 (#)

I am not a lover of dogs. In fact I dislike them and often cannot be myself in their vicinity though I alone share this discomfort among my family, friends and relatives. It is their disturbing barking that I dislike which I consider as a nuisance and intrusion into the quietude of newborn babies and old sick men. It is the first time I read a poem about dog, long years after learning Oliver Goldsmith's 'Ode On The Death Of A Mad Dog' and long after teaching William Wordsworth's 'Fidelity'. What an interesting poem this is and how simple and straightforward in recounting the observation and experience! I indeed have seen dogs laughing, to me and also at things. But it is only now that I think they can laugh at human follies and ignorance.

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