~Letters from the Monastery of My Heart: XII:~

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~words of philosophers should mean something~Morrison said we trade reality for a role to play~Manson: it used to mean something to be crazy~now everyone is~and Nietzsche: there is always some madness in love~is wisdom worth the price I wonder~

~Letters from the Monastery of My Heart: XII:~

~Stand Away~

I am the stone master of loneliness, willing to grapple with your dark monsters while my own seek to devour me. I’m a poet, probably too dark, probably too old but if despair has visited you, girl and you have fallen down bleeding from a thousand wounds, behold my face; I am a man of scars.

Nothing real will survive the fall. The clowns and their perverted painted smiles tease little girls, entice them to play. “Come, meet us at the guitar church, enjoy an orgy of weak-chorded music, purse-lipped men and tight-assed women. Abandon yourself, leave your spirit behind. Bless you!”

This room is my place of weeping. No one sees me in here… ever. I refuse to see me in here. I have learned to divide shadows, the darkest of dark spaces, rather than close these eyes where true and total darkness waits patiently to invade.

It feels like spring in February, the kind of day the love of my life would exalt in, enjoy to the fullest. Staring down at my empty hands I feel the pressure of her fingers, smaller hands beckoning, “Come walk with me.” The single shadow in the yard tells me I am alone.

I wonder what it means to grow up as I suffer the love pangs of a teenager whose girl is holding hands with another, skipping in circles, ring around the rosy. I suppose I’ll never know. My children have figured out what I cannot. I am glad for them and must hide my pain in their presence.

The fine limbs of winter trees reach for the sky and the sun and only the drooping willow weeps. My ears endeavor to separate voices amongst the races, the language of birds. They all say the same thing to me, “If you love her, learn to stand away.”

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
~Letters from the Monastery of My Heart: XI~
~For Madmen Only~

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5th Mar 2011 (#)

Hi tom - Nice and cool

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5th Mar 2011 (#)

Thanks, hi Arthur.

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