~Letters from the Monastery of My Heart: XIX:~

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~clouds & struggles~lamerica~nighthawk~Morrison ~gold blinking in your night eye~Nietzsche~I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles~Manson~from grief & groan to a golden throne~Poe~

~Letters from the Monastery of My Heart: XIX:~

~Fear and Loathing/Littleman~

Yesterday devours us, diminishes, overpowers us if we allow it in, its masque to see us smiling, its face, the new monster. Did you say you loved me? Don’t run away.

No matter what breaks you down, little-men with big sticks, shallow, private conversations, hollow where the meat is closer to the bone; they say things you would never in your life get away with, shake their dicks and giggle.

It makes no damned sense to be afraid of the dark, glass cuts and sin eaters. There’s a man who slew ravens. I have dedicated myself to the spilling of his blood and the owl flies my name.

So the weight of you, my woman, draws me nearer to self, reminds me that such creatures are dangerous and unpredictable. They are little-men sticks to beat you down senseless with. I picked up my pride, crawled home humble.

You tell me stories, caress my flesh. Your fingers are beautiful digits. My lips count them with kisses, one little. If it were just the two of us, two, no little-man in the room. Momma, light the candle tonight.

Four square and seven minutes ago, I was safe and unloved. You waved through the glass screen, rocked me down smooth. My world came crashing down around me and little-man pointing, mixing it up ugly.

Uncivilized, not cut out for dating, my heart is a child’s heart. Midnight gets in my way. The clouds go down on me and misty shades of moonshine. It’s difficult to explain your love for me to little-man.

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
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