~Mother Teresa Was An Alien~

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~my brother was the least favored of seven children~I was oldest son~he was next~thin & undernourished as a youngster~he fought hard to stay alive~unloved & abused by his parents~he became a difficult man~he was my little brother~I tried to cover his ass~got my own caught in a sling most times for my efforts~there were people who loved me so I could never fully understand his pain~

~smiling in spite of it all~

~Christmas in bed~
~smiling in spite of it all~

~the writing is on the wall~
~its message so clear~
~a blind man would know it~
~simply because he is blind~
~helpless in the sense of sight~
~as you are with your body crushed~

~she made a thousand calls~
~because she believed in the system~
~no one called her back until today~
~& that was to tell her to knock it off~
~to cease stirring up trouble~

~assessments take time~
~if you run out of that commodity~
~the assessors smile smugly~
~after all~
~their job is done~

~on the outside looking in~
~where we’ve always been~
~sheriffs, gruff acting men with guns~
~evicting us when we were children~
~Momma pregnant at work~
~daddy at the bar~
~the empirical collective police state~
~had our number~

~whatever was in me is out~

~our Cherokee ancestors~
~believed in a heaven on earth~
~where the good people~
~in a life after death~
~would return to live simply~
~the evil ones taken away~
~seems like an attractive dream~
~I doubt that place is here~
~there may be such a place though~
~some folks are so good~
~they must be from somewhere else~

~we must do this thing alone~
~there is no room in our spirits for the assessors~
~they have stolen your hair~
~forced you out into the cold~
~your broken body pressed between wheels~
~they are dismissive & afraid~
~it is a high honor~
~to be unwelcome in their camp~
~it is a high honor~
~to be your brother~

~whatever was in me~
~is out~
~I need someone~
~come talk to me~

~Tom {WordWulf} Sterner~
~an other~
~cats’ eyes~
~dreadful beautiful~

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author avatar johnnydod
9th Jan 2012 (#)

This was so very deep Tom I could almost feel the pain, brilliant poem

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author avatar WordWulf
9th Jan 2012 (#)

Thank-you. Sometimes life offers much more than we are ready for as the muse.

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author avatar Buzz
9th Jan 2012 (#)

Great to see you again, Tom. Thanks for this poignant article. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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author avatar WordWulf
9th Jan 2012 (#)

You too, Buzz. I appreciate you taking time to drop by.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
9th Jan 2012 (#)

Johnny Dod said it all, Tom. I have to admit that the title of your poem had me going until I read the poem, slowly and carefully. Only then did fully comprehend the true meaning of the title and just aptly you had named your poem.

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author avatar WordWulf
9th Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks Jerry. I wish I could find a Mother Teresa for my brother:-)

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author avatar Sheila Newton
10th Jan 2012 (#)

Oh, how very poignant. I think you're a brave wordwulf to try such a powerful theme. Well done.

And when are you gonna visit me, Wordwulf? 'Twould be vdery nice!

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author avatar ittech
10th Jan 2012 (#)

Very nice lovely write.

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author avatar M. Kari Barr
10th Jan 2012 (#)

First off I love your name Wordwulf...this poem was soulful and worth the time to read...thanks for posting :)

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