~No Beggar Simple~

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~I didn’t enjoy working at Wal~Mart~especially didn’t like the lunchroom~too much b.s for me, the tin bosses hung out there~so I’d go freeze or sweat in my truck in the parking lot~ I was rewarded one day when a most beautiful ugly angel appeared~

~No Beggar Simple~

I saw him first one September morn, a rotund personage, and yesterday taking aluminum cans from the trash but not today. As I sat parked in the lot, eating lunch outside Wal~Mart, his arm arched out as if he was involved in a great sowing. A wing appeared from behind his hand then I saw the gulls.

The tin-can man was transformed before me into one who calls birds from the sky. Before my eyes, buildings disappeared, the tarmac became a field of tall grass. The sound of waves breaking joined the calls of the white swooping birds. This man, their friend, strolled before the windscreen of my pickup
oblivious of me and transcended of moment. His greater being, truer self shone, the bag filled with cans lain aside in favor of hands and heart full of love for his fellow creatures.

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
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author avatar Rathnashikamani
2nd Mar 2011 (#)

Great imagery and fantabulous transformations!

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author avatar WordWulf
2nd Mar 2011 (#)

Fantabulous is a great word! Thanks!

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