~Quodlibet (XXIII-XXXVI)~

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~ obsessed parents devouring children ~ spoiling them to boredom ~ others exciting through beatings~ either way creating ~ tiny monsters ready to raise their hands ~ offer themselves as fodder to any war machine ~ seeking identity & escape through the mouth onstage ~ lying ~ you are better ~ superior to those you slay ~

~XXXIII. Hunger of Those Devoured~

A disparate consequence
coupling; a birth of death
angels reside in the womb
our hands, centuries’ filth
legacy of wantonness
these women invent saints
whose children are so named
bigotry, deceit, hypocrisy
layers mother, betrayers father
there you were beaten
abused in low rooms; infancy
shoulder of doubt, redoubt
sound and born to prey upon your own

~XXXIV. Unreal Reality~

Is this movie true then, no survivors
no tomorrow, who then
is left to right the story
new creatures whose only hope
is to ignore the planet
come explore the cave
indulge in childish art
stick men, a princess
beyond reach, this goddess
clever imagery ignites
a passion of the loins
as if a sprinkling of stardust
could obscure the sun... god

~XXXV. Name Me Stranger~

Our lips are desperate for kissing
the company & complicity
of a solicitous mate
we stumbled through the wreckage
of our garden home
that we might boast of journey
trips to impoverished lands
we accomplished such magnificent deeds
wonders as to raise them up
with our money and white skin
we are Christian American youth
ignorant of ancestor
in the eyes of our fellows
kiss me, name me, stranger

~XXXVI. Inculcation~

They cannot defend you
these children first and lastly made
whose enemy time crawling
comes and goes creeping by the pillow
most are simply managed
your schools’ promise of sex
loose interpretation of religion

what man said man said man said
Jesus Christ! Wake up!
Throw the dust from your blankets
walk into the cold nightmare of
infinite possibility, spirituality
How do you blind them so binding

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
~REM~Steel Bird~
~Situated Western/Saving Grace~
~Howling Dog Press/Omega~
~Quodlibet (XXV-XXVIII)~


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I write novels, poetry, songs,nonsense & lies. Sometimes truth sneaks in when I ain't lookin'.

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author avatar johnnydod
12th Apr 2011 (#)

Wonderfully put together

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author avatar WordWulf
12th Apr 2011 (#)

Thank-you, sir:-)

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author avatar christopheranton
13th Apr 2011 (#)

An impassioned appeal for sanity,
beautifully put together.

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author avatar WordWulf
13th Apr 2011 (#)

Good to see you, Christopher. Thank-you!

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author avatar Denise O
15th Apr 2011 (#)

Wordwulf, will you please add a link to your first installment to this series. I want to read it straight through. I did try and go all the way back last week but, I couldn't get to the first installment. Any ways, if you can do that, I would really appreciate it. By the way, I am liking how you are adding bigger pictures, looks great. I did though try not to read any of it, as I am waiting to take it ALL in. Thank you.:)

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author avatar WordWulf
15th Apr 2011 (#)

Hope this works. There are 100 bites, four in each posting. I linked them all forward. It is time consuming & challenging to create the imagery but rewarding in the same sense as singing a song that developed from a written piece. Now if I can exist long enough to work imagery into 100,000 pieces:-)

~Quodlibet (Introduction)~

~Quodlibet (I-IV)~

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author avatar Denise O
15th Apr 2011 (#)

Thank you.:)
Congrats on the stars by the way. I will start reading your great work tomorrow. Right now I am fixin to get 'on the rack'. My massage therapist will be here any moment and she dont play. LOL
Thank you my friend.:)

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author avatar WordWulf
15th Apr 2011 (#)

Hurts so good, don't it:-)

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