~The Mists of Kentucky~

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~ 26 hours behind the wheel ~ highway bridges yawned before me ~ toothless mouths ~ endless voids ~ windshield of my truck a face looking back ~ a monster waiting to devour me ~ window down cursing ~ swallowed by the cocoon of time ~

~The Mists of Kentucky~

The mist fitted itself around their stalk feet thrusting from the earth. The field of corn appeared rootless. Tassel silk lay in dew-moist wisps on its skin. The pavement underneath the wheels of my truck dissolved as the thick ground fog crawled from the field. I slowed down and blinked into the sunrise, two hours earlier in Kentucky than my native Colorado home and what a sunrise I blinked into.

The mist of fog established itself in layers, blanketing billowing copses of trees, green on green on unbelievable green, fading in the white fog, blending on the horizon with a startling lavender drape of dawn. I pulled the truck to the side of the road, lost for a moment and glad in my way. It’s just not like me to be thirteen hundred miles away from home. I miss my children. I can tell them about the dawn
and a Kentucky morning, how the sweet mist blanketed the earth, tickled the feet of the corn, lifted itself through the trees to kiss the sun on the horizon where they became one, drifted away like lovers .

~Tom (WordWulf) Sterner~
~Warrior Angelo~
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