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~lipstick on the mirror~I love you red~I hate you black~ambulance on the lawn~cop cars & firetrucks~if they couldn’t save the breathers inside~how the hell could I~but I had to try~those boys took me down~until the woman inside cried my name~the priest told me don’t tell her~there is a dead child in the kitchen~

~face off~

~if it is dead~
~it is mine~

~see me~
~I am naked wing~
~I am~
~ne’er born~
~set aside~
~no sacrifice~
~in the flesh sense~
~homo sapiens~
~higher animals~
~whose gods’ spirits trade~
~spaces with the wicked ones~

~I & mine are privileged~
~to have been cast out~
~blackball voted~
~pureed in the trash heap~
~tossed in the blender~
~before a chance acquaintance~
~that would have condemned us~
~to a spiritless existence within~
~the crowd life~
~breathers deem priceless~
~whose feared darkness~
~is our sanctuary~
~mine & I~
~neither blessed~
~nor bearded~
~jettisoned to a spiritual realm~
~our deliverance an honor~
~having never donned the crowd gowns of sin~
~innocent of contrived judgments~
~mine & I~
~resultant of others’ lusts~
~condemned out of hand~
~by money courts~
~popular crowd opinion~
~beneath & wholly unworthy~
~of sentences to standing proprietaries & cages~
~rock piles comprised of & erected by~
~unruly beggared outlaw breathers~
~impoverished pariah swarm~

~we whom have nothing~
~are at no time worthy of breathers~
~I & mine~
~are unencumbered of breathers’~
~bigotry & vengeance upon~
~& against those poor performers~
~whose poverty is held as proof~
~positive of transgressions & failure~
~to excel within the specified empirical framework~

~breathers choose blindness over vision~
~that of which I & mine are made~
~the one & all of what we are~
~denied the opportunity of existence~
~in the folds of breathers’ kingdoms~
~fallen helpless within them~
~fresh as sin white sound~
~conceptualized destroyed~
~nonexistent in the no before~
~a depth breathers cannot fathom~

~that is where we are~
~I & mine~
~possessed of that which riches cannot corrupt~
~arrogance cannot conceive of~
~the selfish & ignorant cannot reach~
~their hollow vehicles of fear & rapacity~
~proscribed in the after~

~if it is dead~
~it is mine~

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner
~into black~
~like a tear~


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