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~the first bird, morning sparrow~runs from the sleep thing~there soft ‘cross her face~eyes wide in the moment~I found her on the dappled ground~it is a relaxing view, the parade~its relationship to madness~reading the bible, her lips moved~


~people living deeply have no fear of death~
~Anais Nin~

~father, I have seen the eastward sky~
~descending in a freefall~
~a raised fist in objection~
~the first bird, morning sparrow~
~end of night~
~there, where my pillow’s lain~
~her face in its cradle~
~a cool breeze wafts through the room~
~shadows in half moons~
~where kisses have left them~
~my lover’s eyes~


~all that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream~
~Edgar Allan Poe~

~voices of children~
~laughter in an empty room~
~where my mind chases echoes~
~runs from the sleep thing~

~that near ghost of madness~
~a dollar bill in a glass cup~
~tips of strangers~
~the long look in her eyes~
~on the wagging end~
~of a slow train clicking~
~wake me up when we get there~


~love is a state in which a man sees things most decidedly as they are not~
~Friedrich Nietzsche~

~father, there were lilacs~
~sprinkled on still water~
~a frail wisp of hair~
~there soft ‘cross her face~
~‘neath the scent, lavender~
~reflections of armor~
~in the eyes of horses~
~tall dust in their wake~
~a steady rhythm of hooves~
~whose army, the princess~
~my lady awakens~


~they can picture love affairs of chemicals & stars~a romance of stones~
~Jim Morrison~

~in the fires of a thousand camps~
~a leaning pyramid of arms~
~the hush of cannon rush~
~eyes wide in the moment~
~she is the live ember~
~to ignite the very next fire~
~tired, the soldiers lie down~
~plant their bodies in the dust~
~her fingers cool on my temples~
~fierce heat of the battle~
~dry mouths of the stone guard~


~illegitimate son of a rock & roll star~mom met dad in the back of a rock & roll car~
~Jim Morrison~

~father, I have exacted restitution~
~payday & a fistful of rainbow~
~she promised to wait for me~
~I found her on the dappled ground~
~the shifting shade of a willow~
~years flow by swiftly~
~in the bubbling creek of life~
~there was a child in the park~
~chasing a puppy~
~who was chasing a child in the park~
~I met her at a Sunday picnic~


~love never dies a natural death~it dies because we don't know how to replenish its source~it dies of blindness & errors & betrayals~it dies of illness & wounds~it dies of weariness~of witherings~of tarnishings~
~Anais Nin~

~caught listening to sky speak, trees~
~gently nodding their heads~
~perfect moment, nature in agreement~
~it is a relaxing view, the parade~
~in its high-step exclamation of life~
~I am not startled by her face~
~more by my unintended cry of anguish~
~as it passes me by, lost in the crowd~
~was it she or another dear girl~
~no one smiles like the fat man~
~& the wheels go round & round~


~how wrong it is for a woman to expect~
~the man to build the world she wants~
~rather than to create it herself~
~Anais Nin~

~father, the scent of pine attends us~
~we are tree children in the afternoon~
~studying the effects of genius~
~its relationship to madness~
~snowflakes bury winter cars~
~& the noontime shivers~
~the storm earns a name for itself~
~is listed as a natural disaster~
~one would hope there is little natural~
~concerning the event of disaster~
~I left so she wouldn’t leave me~


~if you are not a bird
beware of coming to rest above an abyss~
~ Friedrich Nietzsche~

~cars stacked up in the driveway~
~glasses & bottles littered the front yard~
~a smiling man passed out in the bushes~
~reading the bible, her lips moved~
~she was round & plump on the bottom~
~taking notes, learning to chant~
~those in attendance were noted~
~a good time had by all~
~one eye open, he watches~
~the hummingbird, nectar divine~
~on its breath, tiny traveler~

~reptiles & dust~
~folks plain & good~


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