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~come flyin’ around the corner~ridin’ your bad-ass machine~there’s a government plan~an eighteen wheeler u-turning~you twist your head~to tell your Harley baby goodbye~white line~white linin’~ hundred dollar bill~never know what happened next~

~{third eye red}~

~monkey night~
~burrow dreams~
~some smooth-voiced sonofabitch~
~elephant shit on his feet~
~tryin’ to john kennedy my ass~
~ears flappin’~
~fingers tappin’~
~lips smackin’~
~do not forsake them~
~your dead & wounded~
~compatriot heroes~
~fellow citizen heroines~
~welcome to the reacharound~
~circle jerk~
~amerikan politik~
~I’ll see your three heroes & raise ya a junkie~
~devil vaginas~
~horned toads~
~penis demon semen~
~fuck you & the war you rode in on~
~those children you name soldiers~
~subjugated to your causes~
~country & nation~
~are deep sick on the poison of your lies~
~before you dispatch them to kill other people~
~& die so far away from home~
~while you sick bastard reptilian guard~
~spout speeches~
~drape yourselves in flags~
~cover ‘em up~
~cover ‘em up~
~your god damned stinking lies~
~what the fuck would they know about independence~
~your gaggle-goose gang of citizens~
~wake up you stooopid fucks~
~that mouth crying for the blood of your children~
~donkey dick~
~elephant shit~
~backdoor sonofabitch~

~phase II~
~monkey guts~
~the jungle dream~
~napalm gangsters~
~a rebellion of sluts~
~pay a fee to drop your nickel dick load~
~in the twat slot~
~double nut dime to shoot her in the mouth~
~that gorilla shit is bound to get you~
~I gotta get outa this~
~frame of reference away from~
~its shackle-shame manacled~
~leg humping sycophants~

~phase III~
~the REM’s~
~chains clanging~
~against lead poison uprights~
~a prison~
~a playground~
~a flagpole~
~school yard yes~
~let it be~
~those children before~

~waiting their turn~
~& the cannon-ball daddy~
~never disappoints~
~he pulls ‘em back~
~runs ‘em under~
~flings ‘em~
~swings ‘em~
~high into the air~
~higher daddy higher~
~that last time the under daddy~
~never knows until it’s a memory~
~like he pushed ‘em too hard~
~too high~
~too high~
~& they never came down~

~for madmen only~

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author avatar shallimarRose
4th May 2012 (#)

Whewm glad you got that out of your system... great ranting lines. sR

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author avatar Retired
4th May 2012 (#)

Quite amazing

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author avatar WordWulf
4th May 2012 (#)

thanks, I needed that:-)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Great poetry. Thank you for sharing the satire and protests from inside.

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