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Don't falter if you follow the Light. Hold on to the Lord's unfailing hand no matter what you face.
An abstract spiritual warfare poem embracing my thoughts on this particular topic.
This poem has actually been long overdue. It embraces a reality that isn't new or just starting but the Lord has opened my understanding of new revelations. The point of this poem is to inspire. The road is long but trust in God no matter what the devil throws at you until He calls yo...
This poem is just random thoughts and musings almost being recited out lout
Here's an abstract spiritual poem with a hint of spiritual warfare.
I let the muse just take me with this one. Here's a Christian poem of truth glorifying the Lord and embracing life.
I don't want my story to fade because God placed many lessons in His plans. The extreme persecution I face taught me a lot but mainly opened my eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare. Even more so now. The intensity hasn't really changed but has only changed form. More cunning and j...
A poem in which I used some persecutions are platforms and continued exalting YHWH. It can speak for itself too.
A spiritual warfare poem of light and embracement of a few aspects of this battle that grew my faith. Things I cherish as power that can give light and life to any in the Light who can read my stuff. Glory to God.
I would call this point in my life "acceptance". I've found the strength to come to grips with all things: Past, present, and future. How we feel regarding our challenges pale in comparison to God's bigger purpose of it all. Now, I wouldn't call a challenge a piece of darkness but a c...
A spiritual warfare poem about one particular aspect of smear campaigns.
I tell you, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. This wouldn't be the first time though. I often hear supernatural psalms that not in existence yet through dreams and visions. Here's a short poem regarding this.
A spiritual warfare poem of heavy persecutions. No matter what I face, my faith in God will still remain. He's brought me out of some very dark situations and I'm forever grateful for the Light and all in it.
A poem of Revelation. God actually shocked me with this one here. May we pray for the salvation of all. Stay connected with the spiritual reality. Always open to the will of God. And God bless the indingenous.
"Some Stuff I Don't Know" is an abstract spiritual warfare poem. One that will speak for itself.
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