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Here's a spiritual warfare poem of truth. I find that writing about my persecution helped me get through them.
WIKI’S LORDZ There Mi lord is always a rise and fall in all walks of life be it ‘’Actorial ‘’ or epicurial...Political..so read on as you accept it also..add on
Here's a short abstract poem with a romantic overtone.
The multifaceted persecution has changed in many ways but it's not gone. At almost any time, it flares back up, especially when I embrace my passion for God. A lot still manifests and when I'm focused on one thing, I realize another part of my life is under attack.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of truth I finally completed. That's really how it feel but it's fine.
A poem about life and one of the potential persecutions. The Bible warns that the upright must be wise in their associations and, through my own experiences, I learned why. But that's not to say one should be dismissive. Just don't compromise God.
A spiritual warfare poem about a particular persecution that had been manifesting a lot around that time.
Rosy –me –Poetry A Special request sent to me...O poet lover you must be tell me how you feel..when no one reads thee!
My Sinography...touching the rock bottom of the sea ...let me now see ..how the bottom upwards kicks me,..my sine curve does die ..but the control within me does lie, (as in lay)
Here's an upbeat spiritual warfare poem of Truth. The result of the constant persecution I'm under. I illuminate the darkness and fear no evil.
Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of Truth. With God, it's possible to make it through the hard times in life. Without Him, we'd be doomed.
Life's Challenges Feel the feelings of happiness in composing extraordinary sacrificial poetry
Tranquil pen...Who can be fool enough to forget tranquil you,...so many times you have traversed my poetry ..I alone call verse ..A great poet returns to read my poetry on wiki I have been here for over 12 years I think
The second installment to my recent peace of the same title. This one sheds light on a different perspective of it though. The intensity of the resting state of the persecution is still detectable. Embracing the testimonies of what I have gone through is not in any way detrimental to ...
Here's an abstract spiritual poem about life. Enjoy.
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