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A spiritual warfare poem of life, persecution and truth.
It's important, it's important, it's important that a vessel has an accurate perception. And the world as well. I'm hungry for understanding and thirsty for righteousness. That's all I can see for myself at this point in life. Utterly enthralled by the goodness and the Light.
I've witnessed some highs and lows in life. Clarity and obscurity. Such things enable understanding of God's movements and actions in the lives of His children. Everything from pain and peril to joy in refuges, God doesn't make trash. For it is satan who yearns to pervert all He has ...
I know for certain that it was the grace of God allowing me to be great. The world didn't owe me and God surely didn't. The goodness of God exalted me beyond comprehension as my desire to do His will expands. Eternally.
A spiritual warfare poem of growth and understanding for me. Though, now the Light consumes entire aspects of my life, it wasn't always the case. Even then though, God never gave up or forsaken me. The cold times taught me how to stay warm. And cool...
In Spite Of all I went through, I still shine. Learned how to take the good with the bad and enjoy it all. Giving up is not an option.
Flak Compactor incorporates a lot of word curses of the time. Bringing Light and more illumination in this one. Life for me has been quite a trip. I learn a lot though.
A spiritual warfare poem about persecution and life.
Here's a poem about the recent loss of a great revelation due to folly on my part. I should've written it down after God gave it to me like I normally do but I didn't and I suffer for it.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem about decisions. The decision to continue trusting in God. To understand the position beneath God and to not forsake what He's entrusted. Spiritual life is about decisions.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of truth and intense persecution. God calls the Light to not be like the darkness. It doesn't take anything from one.
"Ignore Me Then" is a mellow spiritual warfare poem about life and more secret of the spirit battle. God continues to display His faithfulness (even globally) as I use any gifts I have to exalt Him. I write only from the heart.
Never have I been closer to God than these present and recent years. This truth has been made manifest (very often) through dramatic displays of His power on my behalf. It's in plain sight. God has always been fighting for me and gave me power and, now, I'm starting to gain better con...
A poem of spiritual truth and societal perspective. Acute.
Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth. Every season possesses a valuable lesson.
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