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A spiritual warfare poem of heavy persecutions. No matter what I face, my faith in God will still remain. He's brought me out of some very dark situations and I'm forever grateful for the Light and all in it.
A poem of Revelation. God actually shocked me with this one here. May we pray for the salvation of all. Stay connected with the spiritual reality. Always open to the will of God. And God bless the indingenous.
"Some Stuff I Don't Know" is an abstract spiritual warfare poem. One that will speak for itself.
Just a random poem on loneliness, loss, and love. Enjoy!
Life has a different meaning for each one of us. So as you compare your life with my poetry let me know the difference
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of truth and light. It can speak for itself.
A spiritual warfare poem embracing this particular aspect of persecution from the net of evil that has so eagerly positioned itself in opposition of me. The devil envies the Lord. The devil destroys the souls of men rather cunningly because God created them. It's a part of life. Here'...
I once heard that success doesn't last forever but I believe that to be debatable. What I think it is is that the perspectives and motives for pursuit of a goal vary. For me, as I've mentioned on numerous occassions, that I'm driven by my love of poetry, inspiration and faith in God t...
A spiritual warfare poem of faith and perception. The joy I feel is ever expanded. The persecutors have gotten bolder with the higher I climb in success but I'm not worried. God knees and sustains me as I embrace what's promised to me.
Being nearer the end of my life than the beginning of it I look back at it.
Every day we wake into a new day, I am always waiting for it to show me its glory.
A poem about a walk along My River and the effect it has on my life with nature and My Spirit.
I've recent been spiritually promoted by God into a new season in the wilderness. The persecution still remain but I'm getting used to it. Here's another spiritual warfare poem of truth and growth.
An abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth and life. War, but not war in it's more familiar form, but spiritual and lyrical war. I shall destroy all word curses that are hindering the fruit of my labor. Obsessively.
For the past couple of years, the hardest part of my persecution of the journey was how personal they were. I didn't understand or, rather, underestimated the power of the darkness. A few weeks ago, God told me that He would be opening my eyes to some things I was blind & I believe th...
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