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Festivals of Hinduism: Navaratri: Nine nights of festivities.
India is also known as Hindustan and as a Hindu nation they have now completely banned beef.
Much has been written about Dzogchen and rainbow body ascension. This is another perspective of this phenomenon.
Temples of the Hindu religion double up as places of business bordering on extortion
Hindus believe so many things and one of the beliefs about this wheel is described here scientifically.
Hindu religious scriptures have written about about a cycle on earth which is divided into the four ages.Satya-yuga, Tretā-yuga,Dvāpara-yuga and the last, the Kali-yuga.I would share my opinion on kalyug.
I may not be living safe, if you were not with me. i would be deep in river if you have not given me the side. You are everything, Lord Krishna. Feel the love.....
keep reciting the name Shiva, before you walk away from this world of illusion. he will take you out from all traps.
This is often the site regardless of the mix of characters DHAM Lord Krishna 's brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra worship on picket picture. Recent years have just about the main temple was designed by Raja Choda Ganga Deva and Raja Tritiya Ananga Bhima Deva.
A short explanation of how the festival is celebrated.
Hinduism believes the presence of divine power in all living creatures and all the rituals and customs in Hinduism favors a coexistence among all creatures. However, snakes are treated with a special regard.
The happiest feast of the Hindu Bengalis -Durga Puja- is at hand. The joyous mood has already set in the air. People are talking about it, planning about it and the preparations for it are in full swing.
Among all the fabulous Hindu gods, Lord Ganesha is the nearest to the actual level of awareness, most clearly contracted and most able to support us in our daily walk of life and concerns.
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