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Prayer is vital to every christian, do we really understand what prayer is? Is prayer very impontant? Check out more in this article
India is also known as Hindustan and as a Hindu nation they have now completely banned beef.
We've all been waiting with bated breath for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What if it's happening NOW? What if the LGBTI community is here to live out Jesus' message to love your neighbour as yourself?
Sometimes I like to write prose instead of poetry , but my theme is always the same ...and this time is one of those times ...The Gospel in a nutshell ...
One day Truth walks around naked and he accidently meet Lies. While they talk Lies ask truth to wear him. At the end of the day Truth wear Lies to cover him up. But no matter how hard Lies try to hide Truth..Truth always always reveal it self.
I was reading something about Satan recently. Apparently, he used to be God's favourite right hand man, though not his only son. This was Jesus. Satan became jealous of Jesus. He started a rebellion in Heaven. He lost the fight against God, and was kicked out of Heaven, together wit...
The only way to see the father and have eternal life is through Jesus The Christ.
This morning on this twenty fifth day of December 2015 I bow humbly before my Lord and my God to thank for blessing my wife. my children and all of the household and faith of God. This has been a glorious day to give thanks, praise, glory and all honor to the Lord God for seeing anoth...
Wiccan High Priestess shares the spiritual significance of Yule in her tradition. Along with highlights of the history surrounding various cultural beliefs and celebrations on or around the winter solstice.
"Give Not Thy Strentgh unto Women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings."- See Proverb 31:3. Don't ever move into a place that is bossed or owned by a woman. Get out as quickly as you can! Why? The word of God says it best!
God orders that a census be taken of the males from twenty years old and upward in all tribes except the Levites.
When the world seems like it is going upside down. There are days I like to be all alone with my Lord, we need the courage of conviction on the journey we take in life.
Many Christian Churches or denominations hold the Lordship of Jesus Christ, but differ significantly in their doctrines of Salvation. The Lutheran denomination teaches that human salvation does not hinge on their own efforts or works, but only on the works of Jesus Christ that salvati...
Who knew cakery can be used for teaching religiousity!
This is a commentary about the age old tradition of Christmas celebration. The celebration is typical of pagan practices injected into Christian faith to make it palatable to the taste of unbelievers for easy conversion. An appeal for truth to surface.
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