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My life after near-death experience...believe it or not.
Death and its related stories have often been a topic of interest for a majority of masses for several thousands of years. Let's see what to say and what not to say about NDE
Have you ever wondered how you would die? Sometimes the possiblities might surprize you. You might get killed by your own family member, a sibling or something from whom you never saw it coming...
Horrible experience. Sorry, but it's too horrible to recall. So I won't. Bye.
Sure enough, the dogs worked down the logs until they had fallen over, with one end sticking into the tunnel, taking up a lot of space and making it impossible for the warthog to move properly in the already narrow tunnel.
Sowing DEATH. That is all that's on the animal's mind. No reasoning. No interest in befriending. No sense of caring. Killing is the only thing he knows at this time.
Now that i am old and frail with only sentimental memories to hold on to, I am walking away in dreams of clouds that will only fade when the ashes turned cold.
I got the significance in Afternoon God had elected him in Heaven I became annoyed with that bureaucrat
This is what happened on a peaceful day just out caring for my lawn and cutting the grass until my life almost came to a end from one bee sting.
Nowadays with the development of the technology and medical sciences Near Death Experiences or NDEs have become a very popular topic all over the world.what is death,What happens near death,Is it true that some people see things or visions of their own body near death?What is the scie...
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