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When Tyler finds out about Cassidy's prognosis, will Daniela succeed in her plan to make Tyler hers?
As Regina and Jaden's engagement party is in full swing, the past comes back to haunt Regina.....
Will Daniela be exposed as the one behind Cassidy's car accident?
As Cassidy lies unconscious in her wrecked car, Daniela seduces Tyler.
After a fight with Tyler, Cassidy takes a drive in her car leaving Tyler alone and Daniela to exact her revenge.
As Hannah Mayberry approaches her 16th birthday, she learns her true heritage. But a rival classmate has a diabolical plan. Can Hannah save her town?
As Regina and Jaden celebrate their engagement, a mysterious intruder crashes the event.
As Regina prepares to go home, Jaden prepares his romantic surprise for Regina--but is their happiness short-lived?
Regina miraculously survives, but her secret is out. Will Regina and Jaden's love survive?
Did doctors revive Regina, or did Geri get her revenge?
Parker's mother, Geri manages to slip into Regina's room and inject her with fluid to make her flatline. Will Regina survive?
Regina is in recovery at a mental institution as Parker's mother finds Regina to exact her revenge on Regina for Parker's death.
A poem about how we sometimes hide parts of ourselves from everyone we know.
Jared Quentin is a local disc jockey with his own morning radio program who takes calls from commuters to discuss music and celebrity gossip. But when a caller demands he play every song recorded by Air Supply in 24 hours or he will jump from their building . Can Jared do it in time...
When twin sisters Karrie and Kristie Clemmons get jobs at the local haunted house, they relish in the first night as a success, until an elderly lady falls to the ground after having a heart attach and Karrie is shattered by the experience. Will she continue with the job?
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