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~took my boy down to the railroad tracks~it’s a sissy assed world I told him~I suppose you shouldn’t have hit that bastard back in public~you & I~we’ll make some bad juju for that boy~string out some pennies in his name~bully boy’ll jump bad when they let you back in school~knock his ass down~kick him when you get him there~rub the skin off his face & the back of his hands~bite him if you get a chance~anywhere~everywhere~here comes our train~


~these are a rage~
~a sonnet~
~prose with cajones~
~hinge vibrations~


~when he was a boy~
~daddy bought him heelies~
~so he could smooth glide~
~through the last few years of his life~

~before he was a number~
~on the wrong list~
~before he was a soldier~
~gone before he was~

~id aesthetics~

~with a narcissistic bent~
~if I don’t love me~
~who will~

~ponders the would-be philosopher~
~& there ya have it~


~such is life~
~there are places to go~
~streets to avoid~
~the latter teeming~
~a blood & guts scenario~
~who are we wonder~
~these denizens forest under~

~walking ink~

~writing turns her toes green~
~she wiggles her brain~
~moss grows & no one knows~
~a leaning toward the bends~
~intentionally misspoken~

~perhaps no one will notice~
~another worm tripping~

~mermaid rapt~

~having turned herself over~
~gladly to the changeling~
~to ride the river life painless~
~each curve an adventure~
~smiles she is aware~
~symmetry of the woman~
~& love her rapid desire~
~a wing under water~


~does the way home find you~
~know your face~
~the slamming door of your parting~
~may you must you return~
~charmed by mystery~
~the crooning of crones they say~
~campfire woods & white whiskey~
~the boy ran off with gypsies~
~nah there was a girl~
~a penny sense of kisses~
~a whimsical affection~
~he was bound to follow~
~& no thought the morrow~

~singin’ & fightin’~

~ life spent gnawing bones~
~growling the occasional song~
~having never heard the call to retreat~
~youth spent in senseless engagement~
~a perilous journey at best~
~chances odds on~
~chances aren’t~
~the golden ring dissolves~
~the fall is more difficult~
~when one is on the way up~

~rising once more to stand~
~it’s that dusting off thing~

~destined to pose~

~she longed to be a poster child~
~march of dimes or something less~
~anything at all~
~singular & significant~
~a courageous miracle survivor~
~she knew she had it in her~
~that magnificent disease~
~power to overcome~
~robust & beauteous of youth~
~she so admired anne frank~
~child diarist~
~her talent to live~
~the march to death~
~while walking them down dark alleys~
~her prayers & deepest wishes~
~were answered & where~
~oh where has she gone~
~to what end when all we have left~
~is the dark promise of her face on a milk carton~


~do faces in the news~
~have lesser dreams~
~& more substance than others~
~are they deluded~
~diluted by ink & applause~
~the madman wondered~
~who will teach them to die~
~to fit into actual spirit faded faces~
~he cut strips from the paper~
~comprised of the faces~
~dipped each in plaster~
~applied them in layers across his face~
~to create a mask of masks~

~a bridge to follow~

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th Feb 2013 (#)

love where you go and the pictures you show...thank you Wordwulf

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author avatar WordWulf
4th Feb 2013 (#)

a poetic observation (compliment). That means a lot to me.

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