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This is part two of a small price to pay and brings to a close this part of the story.
Saying good-bye to Max and his chattering and wishing him good fortune in his adult life.
We are in high school now with just one more year before graduation and despite our differences Danny and I are still best friends.
I enter Junior High and find that things are changing fast. I take an interest in girls.
I always did wonder what the mirror would say to me if I talked to it and here is my take on that.
I prepare to enter Junior High but I'm very concerned over my friend Noah.
This is part four of my quantum theory series and in this one I cover one fifth of an illusion and the ghosts in the subfusion anomaly.
It's My little sister's birthday and mom is having a party. I learn more about my Great-Grandmother.
Some older boys are taking an interest in girls Max is more interested in Space Travel and theater.
Danny's Grandpa dies and I find the even Danny thinks about death and the afterlife sometimes.
Mom has a new baby and it's a girl. Everyone is making a big fuss over her just because she's an old girl. No one wants to play with me anymore.
Summer is over and I'm back in school. I am in grade one this year and mom things I'm growing up too fast - can you imagine! I'm also excited because mom tells me we are getting a new baby!
I make friends with Nathan, a new boy in school who is shy and often hungry.
I like school especially when the teacher reads us a story.I'm very upset with an author called Mother Goose - she is really sadistic.
I'm getting ready to start school and I'm both scared and excited. I go to Sunday School too but I have my doubts about the Bible and think the minister may be writing it himself!
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