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Yet, another chapter in the book titled "The Last Faberge`
SYNOPSIS: EMOTION VS REASON “Lagarth hires Meks to unravel the mystery of BENNIE’s (Meks’ lover) death. Meks who is a fiction writer accepts the challenge which will either destroy his budding career or crest his name in the writers’ hall of fame.” EMOTION VS REASON
My memories this is totally fictional Don't apply it to yourselves
This poem is about a young lady I was seeing years ago. We were together for about six months. I sometimes wonder about her and where she is and what she is doing. I hope she is happy.
The future of all of mankind lies in the hands of one Joshua Jones and the last remaining humans.
once again i take you through time and beyond writing many different aspects of life...some will fly with me ...others sink in the murk of their own natures..dark and empty....
much goes on during our lifetime here on earth and yet there are meanings for everything and i often seem to go beyond the words which most people cannot and so they know not how to handle what i write...so be it...
This is a complete fiction, not based on any other stories I've read, though it may be similar to some. I hope this remains a fiction.
The cross breeding of thoughts has for me a distinct advantage in creative writing and has been put to use in this story.
Here is a short story I wrote for a Halloween story contest I featured in my e-zine Storytime Tapestry.
Throughout the history of literature, from Homer down to the present day, journeys have been used symbolically as catalysts to convey important truths about the human condition.
This is part two of a small price to pay and brings to a close this part of the story.
Saying good-bye to Max and his chattering and wishing him good fortune in his adult life.
We are in high school now with just one more year before graduation and despite our differences Danny and I are still best friends.
I enter Junior High and find that things are changing fast. I take an interest in girls.
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