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I was a couple of months in to the thirty-six months I’d spend in California with my new wife before returning to my children in Colorado. I began to count backward from a thousand days out. My brother, who spent twenty years in prison, advised me not to do that. A bad way to do your time. When I feel low or very very high, I write. I didn’t follow his advice. Damn me.


{89 days}
~come flyin’ around the corner~
~ridin’ your bad-ass machine~
~there’s a government plan~
~an eighteen wheeler u-turning~
~you twist your head~
~to tell your Harley baby goodbye~

~white line~
~white linin’~
~hundred dollar bill~
~never know what happened next~


~I don’t need~
~to see the mountain~
~to be the mountain~
~nor touch the sky~
~to prove that I~
~am a necessary conqueror~
~whose price to live~
~is to make it die~

~the will~

{35 days}
~the will~
~to kill to kill~

~there is nothing natural~
~about being or becoming enemies~
~as evidenced in observations of coexistence~
~predators & prey alike~
~are aware what they are~

~each with its own~
~natural bent for survival~
~any creature attempting~
~to establish absolute dominance~
~condemns itself to extinction~
~an unavoidable & necessary suicide~
~in order to reestablish balance~
~& maintain a natural state of being~

~other than in cases of survival~
~&/or self defense~
~aggression is by its nature~
~self destructive~

~passive shades~

{36 days}
~passive shades~

~sun filter~
~a rip in the umbrella~
~stroke of noon~
~dog panting~
~water dripping~
~saliva from its tongue~
~if I adjust the umbrella~
~I’ll have to do it all afternoon~
~the sun will move past the tear~
~if I leave it alone~

~the truth of my ponderings~
~answers seldom as clear as that~
~two days after the big moon~
~the dog is asleep~
~the rip moving past me~

~like a night~
~like a day~
~like a life~

~1000 Days~
~of lips, mother & wine~

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
9th May 2012 (#)

Lovely writing and thank you for sharing the page.

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author avatar Lateral Thinker
11th May 2012 (#)

Well observed, pithy, and too the heart! I marvel at words that can sum the obvious in a sentence but are as deep as the ocean.

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author avatar WordWulf
12th May 2012 (#)

I appreciate your thoughtful comments; pithy & to the heart, I like that statement. It is, in & of itself, that to which it refers:-)

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