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I needed to write this letter to that special someone as I realized the truth.
The last letter to my honey, in which I put it all out there as it truly is.
A love letter like I've never written before to a woman who is more than worthy to be loved.
It is my mother who has brought me into this world.Without her blessings I can not survive. But I lost my mother when I was only teenager. Great loss of my mother created devastating impact on my mind ,till today i could not forget the sweet memories of ...
This is a letter a wrote to my sisters when my mother died. We had lost our father 10 years before, we lost our mother. I was only 35 and both my parents were gone.
Is it possible to not get hurt in loving someone who loves someone else?
This is a secret message to the revolution and must not be seen by anyone else
This is my love letter to the latest lady of my affections. It reminds me that the human heart can be resilient.
This is a fictional letter as part of a series that I am doing. This is the second one but their are more to come.
Only a handful of people still write pen-to-paper letters. Few people are saving letters, tied up with ribbons and stored away to be read over again, or for later generations to find and learn about days past. It i becoming an extinct art, one that has been part of culture for ages.
An open letter to social media speaking about how it has changed our lives
A Happy, Prosperous and filled with joy New Year 2015 for all the Wikinuts Forum!
I just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!
This is a letter to you who have a job you hate and who are looking for a better job. It can be quite frustrating and downright depressing, but I have been where you are and offer you my encouragement.
If you are working in a job you hate and are searching for a better job, you may feel frustrated or downright depressed. I was in your position not long ago, and I have some encouragement to offer you.
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