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It is about my favorite comedy series the Big Bang Theory .
Do you remember Charlie Chaplin.An awerage looking common man who could make anybody laugh by his presence only,now just think about standup artists of today.Can you make out the difference between these. Its very simple.Chaplin never said anything that was below standard and today's ...
I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my overalls, to sexy for my panties! Oh yeah baby! I'm a model, up on the catwalk, and I do my little thing for the world to admire yo!
Is somebody stealing some of your processing power? Yes, I can see someone is!! P.T. Butters, you mental thief!! I'll show you!
This page contains the Intelligence and talent of an IAS examiner.
Writing anecdotes for fun is truly entertaining. However not everyone is so familiar with this. It is actually a very short writing of a funny or witty experience of a person.
I am a Genius my brain is a master piece. It is divided into two parts left and right. In the left part nothing is right and in the right part nothing is left. :D
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