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Mia explains why she is a wise cat. Read on to find out more.
No matter how kindhearted you are, at some point you feel abused by beggars expecting you to just give your very hard earned cash away to them. But, remember the Chinese finger trap?
This is part two of The Boot Hill Zombies in which the next zombie rises and the doors of the dead open.
Its all bout Jokes. Laughing makes your blood pressure low, if its high. Ready to reduce your blood pressure. Look at the Page.
Yes, you read that right. Morning Glory. It means exactly what you think it means, plus a burrito
Bullying- Disruption of a child's better growth. Bullying has become ubiquitous in America. The kids that claim themselves as "cool and fun" are mostly responsible for this cruelty. The reason of putting spotlight on verbally or physically abused children is that, in the end, they wou...
If we are dead in time then if your will laugh you will be dead if you are crying you will dead then laugh
the way to make your friends laugh and make your world funny
when you caught into in fire what can u do .just in case.
In 1978, after resigning my position as Assistant Manager, Operations of the Bank of Nova Scotia, Fairview Mall, St Catharines branch, I decided to take a year out and try to write a play about the experience of working in a bank.
Never sit on the front row of a comedy show. That's an important thing to know.
Most of us like poetry that makes us laugh, and limericks are the best for making us titter. My limericks are a bit tamer than most, but still have a hidden edge to them.
Hear are just some fun facts to get you through the day because they have always cheered me up or even interested me.
Just occasionally I wrote something unusual. but mostly nonsense so forgive me
this is a short story about a newly wedded couple and their life in the village.
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