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The Concept of a back-footed lady is very common in Indo-Pak. It is believed that there exist some supernatural entities who disguise themselves as women but they have their feet turned backwards
Why would an innocent man plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, or even to an imaginary crime?
Aging is nothing new we all become loose skin pump-skins
You know those dreams that tug on your mind all day? This dream is no different.
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of truth. I guess you could say I live life sort of "reserved".
Yes, this really did happen. Looking back on it, it makes me smile and sometimes even laugh.
Medieval European imagination invented existence of figures like Mélusine and Morgan the fairy.
Xenophobia is a terrible thing and affects us in ways we don't realise. This is a story of my first-hand encounter with xenophobia.
Mo Gra' Go Deo! When you find you're forever half!!
Its nearly here, Christmas is the time to remember all those who are dear to us. Read on to find out more
It is Christmas Time. This is a true story about our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. How Joseph felt when Mary told him that she was with child. A life-changing moment in Joseph and Mary’s lives.
When Tyler finds out about Cassidy's prognosis, will Daniela succeed in her plan to make Tyler hers?
Sextech is an area of technological development that can allow us to use artificial intelligence intelligently. Increasingly, we see the need for a sex positive dialogue in our society, and through recognising our long history with erotic language, and combining it with this emerging ...
This is about how blacks and whites see each other through different lenses. People of different races do not always see the other in the same way as their own race.
A small poem after two years of not writing. Comments are open.
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