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We Must Move On ....Remove pain to reduce suffering..... Lord Buddha's pragmatism
Data science is your wide umbrella under which all the kinds of analysis fit. Data cleansing, manipulation, and also the selection of the form of analysis that has to be done are typical crucial pieces of this data-science foundation.
The recent election in USA has revived back the debate on whether multi party is more effective than two party systems. United States, which is one of the first countries in the globe to be democratic, has from its independence followed the two party system of democracy. On the other ...
In the past three decades, the popularity of home warranty policies has grown tremendously. Homeowners have come to appreciate the need to keep off unnecessary appliance repairs and replacements. Great home warranty products can save you the stress of repairing system components, some...
The need to maintain a fast lifestyle reveals the lengths a person would go.
Here's a light spiritual warfare poem I believe can speak for itself. Hope you enjoy.
This is about the Borg race in Star Trek TNG. This was one of the creators of the shows biggest and best creations. The Borg are more powerful than the Klingons or Rombulans.
A poem about coming to the realization that someone is not good for you anymore; and the thing that was once good, has become toxic and dysfunctional.
The book of Genesis in poetry In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and God said let there be light and there was light
Will a road trip be the girls biggest regret when they pick up a mysterious stranger?
Rivers are ever learning phenomenon for all time. How she loves shiva.. Once she takes an oath, I will be with shiva. His strength is my truth. I will stays always in his hair… It is the Indian concept of Goddess Ganga is staying in the hair bundle of Lord Shiva. he accepted her whi...
People want to celebrate the New Year in full mood. So here we are presenting some Happy New Year 2018 Songs. Hope you like them.
This is a story of unexplainable horror, based on an old Mexican legend, and situated around the traditionally much-celebrated girl’s fifteenth birthday.
Chloe is on her way home on a dark winter's night, and there is a car following her. Is she being stalked? Read on to find out more
Being a writer is not that easy. True writer has to find his creativity and new ideas constantly, which is somewhat impossible. This is where productivity and time management work perfectly.
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