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Symphony Poeticity...THE BEAUTY of poetry such as this ...is in itself a mark of symphony melodious as it is Read on please 'tis BLISS
My take on a writing prompt about a deer being hunted.
2 poems dedicated to my mother for Mother's Day. :-) ;-)
A short poem about her choosing life in every single instance of eternity.
It's funny, in earlier seasons, or my earlier years, I ministered about offense and false humility and the false sense of security it could bring. Well, in current years, the persecution had only increased with my fame. Stay in prayer and repentence. The hour is at hand.
Time is indeed precious laden,growing older is a gift of awareness...a journey of love.
This article is about basics of studying effectively and how to do it.
Writing is a skill set that requires a focused mindset. Sharing a message and inspiring others to be their best versions calls for impactful writing that packs a punch. Are you embracing the three Cs?
I'll tell you my story on how I found the love of my life.
A poem about a typical lunch on a weekday. It was one of those days were I was feeling a bit out of sorts and all I needed was a simple but good meal.
Some things are too good to be true and some things are too good to be true.
In the 80s and 9Os Michael Jackson had earned the title ‘King of Pop’. He became a global figure. What happened to this legendary artist in later years is food for thought for the rest of the world. Only if somebody had intervened and stopped his addiction to prescription drugs.....
Few words about the benefits and opportunities of distance learning.
This article for the paintball lover who wants to create new paintball field. There is a details guide on how to create your Paintball field?
Oh no! I have not a clue as to what I should bring to my dorm room. I have talked to my roommate and he says he’s going to bring a fridge, but I want my own space to keep my stuff in! Will he get upset about that? Will he want to put his food in my refrigerator?
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