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Travis Welland can’t finish his story and he has a deadline to meet. He decides he needs a change of scenery and heads to the airport where he finds himself in the gorgeous country of Ireland. As he takes in the sights, he finds inspiration to finish his book as well as a romance ...
To find out just how hard the art of comedy is, I took part in a stand-up show.
An erratic story of a boy and a girl... who finds their way in a world of love which is pure and untamed of the devious things.
Loveliest folks have read me thanks To energize the human mind and keep it virile agile look at younger girls n guys
Jenny feels that taking a holiday might help her to forget her break up with Tim. Her friend Sarah is looking for a holiday romance, but Jenny is definitely not. Read on to find out what happens next.
Here's an abstract spiritual poem about life. Enjoy.
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A poem about going through a hardship and losing faith but finding your faith in the end.
Single.... Alone.....,not lonely but not happy either.Just what am I doing here on earth?Just passing time? When everything in life is already at place and achieve by myself and then whats next? Back to basic?and do I still have time to do it all over again?Start from the bottom agai...
Christmas parties can lead to misunderstandings and poor judgment. Charlotte was a victim of both.
Violent criminal activities do happen in reality. It is not just something that happens in a scripted movie on your TV screen. You may just find that your home or office has turned into a gory crime scene. When an assault happens, you can expect blood and other body matter to be all o...
Be Faithful to God and to people and not be let down
Rabbit farming is widely practiced round the world. Herbivore animal is a mammal in the family Leporidae. Meat is leaner than others. Animal can utilize wastes of vegetables and fruits. Manure is used as an organic fertilizer and also fed to poultry and ruminants. Rabbit manure is use...
This poem tries to show that our own purpose can only ever exist as a part of the greater purpose of God. When we try to have a purpose at odds with God's overall purpose, we will not find fulfilment, and happiness, nor satisfaction in our lives. In short, we will not be being our re...
The time in my life when the decision in my life the cost of which was so dear. And I am still paying for that decision f so long ago.
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