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Part 6 of a series exploring the evolution of South African football to its current state. In this part, we look at how the Soweto uprisings played a role in the formation of the new NPSL.
A Grain of sand My what views you beget just a grain of sand now a beach many come and at your versions reach I BESEECH
Here's Contentment part 2. A light spiritual warfare poem with more of a grateful overtone.
remembrance of what could have been with a lost love that still seems to linger like the wind. looking to the future with hope but still longing for what might have been.
LitRPG is a sub-genre of fantasy and SciFi, where gaming is central to the story.
This story came to me in dream I had and upon waking up, I wrote the first chapter.
Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. I'm thinking red wine and grilled steak for this holiday. As far as the poem, in my last two relationships I was the stabilizing force in their lives. However, that was not enough to save the relationships.
This is a poem written on a girl I know for quite a time. She is a mystery to almost everyone. And here I would like to thanks to someone who helped me out in completing this poem on her.
After the Chinese revolutions,those in power were solely for personal gain and deprive all rights of their enemies.
One source to download printable calendar which will help in better time management.
I'm gonna be writing about my experiences being a young African man from a ghetto in Nigeria. This page is gonna give you guys an insight into what its like to be an African. Especially a Nigerian.
A writer's voice plays an important role in a writer's career. Read further to equip yourself with the much needed skills to develop one and become a writer like no other !
I Thank You For every blessing that you have let me experiences the joys, the sorrows, the hard times and the good and the bad Blessings you Have bestowed upon me. Blessings seen and unseen
When you study to take an exam you need to prepare not only in relation to the content that will be charged in it, but also as to your emotional. After all, pre-test anxiety can become a major deterrent to getting a good result by undermining your performance, increasing your stress l...
I have collected for you some of my most meaningful poetry writings as i love magic and mystery and fables of yore...times long gone but for me the magic still remains..enjoy
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