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I find, on the spirit journey, satan sought to bend, distort, manipulate and misrepresent your life to fit into his will, even, without your consent to get you to conform into that and forsake the Lord. Here's a short spiritual warfare poem.
This is another installment in a book about the author’s experience living and learning in a spiritually inclined community and his educational development as a shamanic priest.
We have just returned from a holiday in the Lake District. Read on to find out what we thought of it.
Writing is all about inspiration and, as you probably know, the latter one can be a fleeting thing. Still, over the years, many successful novelists have managed to grab a Muse by its tail — mostly by developing a set of habits that would inspire them to write. You can do, too!
Many idealistic folks roam about the main streets unaware they are being stalked
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we face so many issues that even the smallest molehill looks like Mount Everest. It's important we take a step back and see them for what they are.
The existence of God is a conundrum that must be forever beyond human comprehension, but the problem is really a lot simpler to phrase than you may think.
We are all extraordinary and we all have something unique and phenomenal to contribute.
A poem about how good it can feel when a relationship ends. That may seem like a sad thing to say but it can be true.
When consumed in passion we are blind to reality. We give into the fire burning deep inside and make mistakes. At times we aren't as strong as the love that is in front of us. We destroy rather than protect the one we care for when we lose ourselves.
this page has an information about the career path that is "how to achieve goals in your career "
Maximum number of males had low & moderate & females had low economic influence. Males & females both more moderate social as well as psychological influence. Economic influence of telecast affected lifestyle of male respondents, whereas in case of females had no. Economic influence o...
Learning outside of people in home based school condition is self-teaching. Strategies & educational modules of instructing in self-teaches are differed. An approach of joined investigations is connected for showing different subjects. Online help for it is additionally accessible. Th...
A short poem describing a visit to a liitle shop and an escape from winter.
Pursuing your dreams is what makes life. When it gets tough, when it is going to take a long time, don't give up. Keep going. You win regardless of the outcome.
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