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This poem is real in the sense that I do sometimes feel oddly disconnected from everything and everyone around me.
The best part of cold weather is the warm of Spring that follows.
Good and evil are the flip sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.
This poem is about the possibility of soul mates and what it might be like to never meet your soul mate.
This is a poem about being young and listening to your parents fight in the next room.
Imagine for a moment you're walking outside all alone only to be blanketed by the deep blue sky. What's your favorite color? What takes all your cares away? Well, mine is a deep blue that can never be duplicated and it's power is only dreamed of. It will take your breath away and ...
Just a reminder to all to stay away from the one who broke my heart and shattered my dreams.
A poem about how a friendship blossomed into a passionate love only to be lost in the end. While, the door is still open for it to return someday.
A personal experience of a time when I had my heart broken and was left unsure of what step to take next...having to find myself.
Sometimes we feel ashamed of what or who we've become and where we are in life..this is one of those times.
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