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Let us begin again from where it actually began for us.
All women now consider being not equal but ahead of men too,but in the far east treatment is different.All know it
This is a poem about what an unfaithful person in a marriage can drive a rejected person to do. The despondent spouse or husband can be driven to disguise their deep pain and hurt and avoid having another relationship with anyone else for fear of having to endure a like situation.
I wrote a poem after having first child and thought it only fair to write one for my second child too! Life has become twice as interesting!
my father in law - gone but never forgotten! Loved by many he loved his folk music and playing music to his grandchildren!
Letters of love carry the message from our hearts to the recipients, they are the dance of romance that finds a view from deep within the soul
When Your Outgo Expense Exceeds Your Income Cents Then You Have Become A Victim Of Satan and His Demons Intents. Read this again very slowly and let it sink in. What does this mean in plain english? Simply stated it means that you should never spend more than your whole paycheck on a...
Living with the threat of being mentally abused is challenging, and it makes life very difficult, the inner person feels demeaning. especially if violence is involved, our emotions get all screwed up, and a person will lose the will to fight through.
The faults we find in others are reflections of what we have inside us.
This poem shares the agony of time the heart encounters due to many reasons. It relates extreme sadness and pain that no matter how intense the feeling is hope is still the very powerful instrument to outsmart the blues of life ...time heals the broken heart.
You are not alone .Miseries see when all abandon thee as you are running from reality
relationship breakdown is a fact of life. but we can create a new world, with brighter hopes when all seems lost after a relationship has nothing more to offer, life can begin again, and it can be a lot better than before.
This poem is dedicated to Wikinut.Its closure will be so painful for writers like me.Though I been inactive for many months, but my heart always beats for my love for wiki site.My heart aches,but we have to move on our ways.
A poem about struggles. it places people in perspective of terminally ill patient who is held down by the illness, causing pain to others around as well.
A short poem in the form of a warning. Not as simple as it may seem.
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