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What men desire most and mostly.By now the whole world knows we beget as per mans wish only
Tribulations during the last days will cause the hearts of people to lose courage and grow in restless, society will become villages of terror pervading in every corner.
Song of songs is a lovely poem that brings out love between a man and a woman with god as a reference. It is erotic poetry but disguised with reference to god.
The Crown of Life. Ah... yes. The crown that shall be awards to all who sustain and by Christ. Compared to that... this life is a small price to pay.
A poem of questions—perhaps too many questions, perhaps not enough. The answers (if any) are up to the reader.
A poem inspired by this bible verse. "Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you." -Jeremiah 29:12
A dream about a poem into a poem embracing dream. Thoughts.
Here's an abstract poem of perspective. In life.
Just a short love poem.
A spiritual poem that generally speaks for itself.
A rather cynical poem snatched from the deepest recesses of writer's block.
female is a virtue of love, passion, respect, devotion, she is full of love in every form as a mother as lover as a wife as a friend, world isn't possible without a female.she is special she is precious, , , , ,
These are five poems with nothing in common, except that each makes its own pointed assertion.
Life is all about the concept of love and the interpretation it conveys, joy and peaceful harmony in contentment or miscarriage of duty?
The poem of a home that isn't quite your ordinary home.
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