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Abishag did sleep with David. She had no sexual relations with him. Abishag remained a virgin. physicians hope that the vibrancy of her youth would revitalise the life of David.
Translation of Ezekiel Chapter 23. from the Hebrew Old Testament. Leningrad Codex. These 49 Verses are translated from the original Hebrew by Jorg Morgan, M. A.
Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound. - Nigel Stanford
The binding of Isaac is metaphor for being bound to parent by duty, custom, economics, karma. We forgive when we untie the child, offer another sacrifice instead of the child. We offer our ego instead.
will the real Jews of this earth please stand up and take your rightful place as kings and queens of Israel. Too long have non-Israelite corrupt the land of Abraham, and Jacob.
What are you doing here? is this they place of that a person with your standards should be living, running away from a situation will not bring any comfort, you may put distance between you and the assailant, but the fear of losing will haunt you.
The worshiping of an idol was a sinful act, which would have far reaching consequences on the people who came out of Egypt, Moses showed his anger but God also was very displease with the people.
when Moses takes the Jews out of Egypt, he has a staff. This staff clearly has some significance. Here is the tale of the staff of Moses
We really have to look at the word of Yahweh with both optical and spiritual lenses…one thing looks a certain way using metaphors and similes but in the natural is the total opposite unless light is shone there. No wonder we can’t get it if we haven’t been taught to think this w...
Truth once learned and put into practice can change lives. However, one must note that if there is no need to seek further than what we see we can become victims of deceit. However, whose fault is it if we know truth and have not an interest to seek further? Ours or theirs? We cannot ...
The life of Deborah is a testimony of the power, in the shifting sands of time when we are lulled to sleep by the enemy, bring evil governmental changes right under our noses, how many is willing to risk their lives and become an instrument in the hand of God.
Soon the law on women ministering will be changed, and they will be birth into positions of trust, women in the service of the kingdom of God, be ordained as bishops, shepherd teachers and evangelists, the church will empower them to do Gods work.
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