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FRUSTRATION STEW...WE ALL are not happy all the time but some wantonly seek pleasure in remaining unhappy all the time Why
Here's another spiritual warfare poem of truth and power through the Lord. Life is good. It can speak for itself.
(3/28/17) God doesn't always disprove what man disproves nor approves what man approves. I believe that awakening to a spiritual life isn't just a one time thing. God is constantly refreshing and renewing our understandings. When life get difficult, know that, in the Light, God will a...
God is moving me towards new contingencies in spiritual warfare. Here's as abstract poem of truth.
A spiritual inspirational poem originally scripted in 2015. Exalting and praising the Lord. I've witnessed His glorious Light even more since. Miracles and His promises kept. I've witnessed prophecies come into fruition for which I have no explanation for and I'm a very analytical per...
A spiritual warfare poem of observation. After a few major elements are embraced, the details work themselves out. This poem can generally speak for itself.
A spiritual warfare poem of truth. The persecution has intensified. This poem can generally speak for itself and God stands with me. Through whatever I must face. Do not fret the evil in the world. Just grow in faith.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of truth and Light. Everlasting are God's thoughts and His children orginated in His thoughts. The kindgom of evil has no substance. Praise God.
Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth. It can speak for itself.
An abstract poem of spiritual truth. Glory to unto the Lord in and out of season.
A spiritual warfare poem of persecutions and not losing sight of your worth.
A poem of spiritual and society truth. Can speak for itself.
A poem addressing a persecution with this term. Though I've cleared on numerous occasions that the reason why we write is not for praise or exaltation but neither to be devalued and discredited.
Here's a spiritual poem with societal truth. Eh.. Polyphagous amusements...
This is just my outlook on a world that seems to have gone mad. A world where money makes the man, and exceptions are not made based on equality or justice in too many situations.
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