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A fence is a metaphor for a personal boundary. A car is a metaphor for a vehicle as body is a vehicle of spirit, so car is a vehicle of body
Dammapada in Pali with English translation. Pali is the language spoken by the Buddha. Like other sacred languages, some teachers believe the language itself channels energy into a more positive balanced and harmonious formation. It makes the flow more symmetrical, perhaps.
The story I read long back and trying to follow maximum....it's very interesting.....(I have uploaded a picture from the net)
Wishes made are not lost. So be careful with what you wish to do. It is a matter of time that it will materialize, if not during this life it will take place in future life.
Do you believe Buddhists worship trees, stones, and the devils? Are you sure these accusations are not cooked up by people who are jealous of this religion?
How the earth was formed from the scientific point of view. Do you know what is smaller than atom?
Buddhism is a science. We don't believe; we investigate.
This is a summary of the life and times of Buddha. It was not until many years after his death that his teachings were written down.
These are the stages a Buddhist go through to attain Nibbana. He does not go to public places boasting about his god and cursing and swearing at the non-believers and say his almighty god will cast all the non-believers to hell.
"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." ~Buddha This article will try to establish that this view of Buddha's was a limited one. We are not limited to our thoughts only, nor are we controlled by them.
Do you still think Buddhists are superstitious? Don't you want to find out more about this religion?
You can attain a level of the deathless, if you care to find out. It is not a belief. You can feel your progress on the way.
Why do people light incense, candles and make pledges? Do the gods need our materials from this plenet?
Do you feel strange that Buddhists bow in front of a statue? Are you unhappy about that?
This article will change your attitude towards the monks. They also contribute to our society.
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