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A funny short story about a mother and a daughter and their lack of communication.
Have you ever wondered how hard it might be for a teacher to control you when you were a school kid? You might be very busy with your classmates,complaining, imitating,taunting each other.But it was the teacher who was going on watching you and trying to mold you, punishing you to...
In the Series of Funny World, I writer of another funny experience of mine that promises to crack your ribs.
Take daily dose of Comedy that promises to put smile on the faces of readers, and indeed gladden their hearts.
A few funny stories that blend together regarding a hiking mishap when I was younger and the conversation going on between my roommates when I tried to write about it.
Famous fashion designers, apart from creating the most beautiful things that people wear, sometimes say things still more outrageous than their clothes.
"A rose by any other name..." is a famous saying that means basically what's in a name or in this case what's in the meaning of these alternative adages? How many can you get without looking at the answers?
"Whoa! Ho! Ho!" Santa jerked the reins to bank hard left. The passengers in the jumbo jet stared in shock as reindeer hooves and sleigh runners flew within inches of their windows.
I run a newsletter called Storytime Tapestry. People can send in their articles and poems and I will publish them. This is the story of my cat who was very upset that I took a dog as a mascot for the newsletter. It is a humor piece of course.
The only two things humans can truly count on is death and taxes. Did you pay your taxes yet?
Have a laugh, because laughter is healthy. Laughter is a part of the way to eliminate deep sadness
I don’t know really this just all popped up in my head on like what I feel like my heart could be telling me and how my brain responses LOL
Real Indian weather, they call it, it's a bit of this and a bit of that, kind of day. The sun is out right now, shining brightly outside, but the ambient temperature inside, is 12 degrees Celsius!
Don Quixote is a dream character created on the spur of the moment. He is the creation of a Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes
Success is the locus of the derivative of change that we…hold on a second, I don’t want to break out my tone… mono tone… that thing at the end, so much! Just maybe a slight skip in the step, a slight smile at the cat…wait a minute! Ah, alright let us get on. It is getting mo...
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