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"That cat is possessed!" Grandma said, convinced that Kitty had an alliance with the dark side.
The author admits to a lifelong obsession with office supplies.
The author writes about making up new song lyrics to familiar tunes in order to personaliize singing one's life happenings.
We must be aware of what has happening. Being ignorant to the policies of availing it is not excuse. Sometimes exploring many things will help and guide us to succeed.
This was my first published story from 2011. The publishers called for a funny story, which wasn't really my thing. And then, I remembered the pups. (I've written other funny stuff since.)
Though I enjoy people of all ages, older people have long held a special place in my heart. Now, I'm an old person -- a senior citizen. Most of the time, I like the title...
Teenagers/Twenty somethings have almost a symbiotic relationship with trouble aka police; all seem to go together.
Want a GUY's point of view what NOT to do on a first date? This piece plays Cupid's helper.
Mornings are wonderful. People do some strange things in the morning. This makes people so wonderful. Temporary insanity includes lots of things like laughing, running along the beach and bending and not picking up anything over and over again. All this happens in the morning.
Jokes and pranks from the kid, hilarious and new, original, from the crazed mind of Gregory Stomberg musician / poet / author
This is a humor piece of writing on why a young man hates girls.
You know, those knocks on the door right when your in the middle of something, those knocks that start the dog to barking...
Over the past year I've written many letters to share with over 750 soldiers overseas. They were well enjoyed and laughed at... hmmm... not sure it that's good or bad to have so many people laughing at moments of my life.... ah well... it is what it is.... and I am who I am....
Tic Tac Toe, it is said that this game should end in a draw every time.
This is based on my family and the silly things we go through in our day to day lives. How we go through tough times, but most importantly how we go through the craze and silly times. This is BASED on our lives, so it it not a representation of our lives, which means that some thing...
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