Featured articles in Fantasy

Saddest part of life This is pure imagery has nothing to do with any reality
Jealousy is limited to smaller minds .They who live in a fools paradise know it well they do
Gem of a Diamond We all sincere ones alone are like gem s diamonds aren't we
New Pokemon Go frenzy that has sweeped the nation.
The second part of a fictional adventure poem. May progress in first, second or third person at times.
Here's an abstract poem of another ethereal trip. According to my "19--" Saga. The fourth installment.
This is a somewhat nonsensical poem that you will have to find your own meaning in.
This is a poem about meeting a free spirit and just enjoying the show.
I am writing this while the tempest is crashing against the gates of my imagination.
These five short stanzas attempt like haiku's to convey one author's thoughts.
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