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You all may continue to bask in your lovely imagery...why delve in misery .There is nothing beyond what is here the distant horizon know ye
Today’s Malady....Narcissism they say...is the malady of today...but since ages more pronounced now
A dream reduces stress it helps tears roll down It's a part of life as much as is Death So move on LOL
Many idealistic folks roam about the main streets unaware they are being stalked
Here's a poem i wrote that can pretty much speak for itself.
Saddest part of life This is pure imagery has nothing to do with any reality
Jealousy is limited to smaller minds .They who live in a fools paradise know it well they do
Gem of a Diamond We all sincere ones alone are like gem s diamonds aren't we
New Pokemon Go frenzy that has sweeped the nation.
The second part of a fictional adventure poem. May progress in first, second or third person at times.
Here's an abstract poem of another ethereal trip. According to my "19--" Saga. The fourth installment.
This is a somewhat nonsensical poem that you will have to find your own meaning in.
This is a poem about meeting a free spirit and just enjoying the show.
I am writing this while the tempest is crashing against the gates of my imagination.
These five short stanzas attempt like haiku's to convey one author's thoughts.
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