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Many here now have also been at different times of history...if we could look back and some of us can, we can discover what we did right or wrong and thusly make amends. Given we are chance after chance to forgive ourselves and move on...enjoy...
This is about a man who goes in search of a way to lose the heavy burden of the whole world on his back, and finds peace for a short time.
The Sun decides to sleep in-causing a universal uproar!
The Sun decides to sleep in-causing a universal uproar.
The greatest of lessons can be learnt from tales, fables and from Zen teaching stories too. This is an old Zen tale about the man who fell down the well. The story tells us how to abandon secular logic in order to make the leap out of our well of Hell into Heaven.
The Minotaur in the Labyrinth - Greek Mythology Research/Report
This is a very apropos piece for this holy time of year and also a way to send loving and healing to Noah Taylor who has been in a terrible car accident in New Hampshire and is still in a coma...also blessings of the season to all of you here at wikinut...
You should do honest with every one and earn your nature. You can earn the reward of Allah. I want to say you short story of the poor man. Please read this story and you creat improve your life.
Summer had ended, and fall had begun,two ducks flying south
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