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I have collected for you some of my most meaningful poetry writings as i love magic and mystery and fables of yore...times long gone but for me the magic still remains..enjoy
Based on my own (imaginary) theory of how a rodent and an insect might interact on any given day in the forest, but only when the 17 year cicadas descend.
He said, `I say you don't know. You are all ignorant. The ram is expecting blessings from me.
The Ramayya agreed and went to the rich man's house again. the rich man felt that the Ramayya is a fool to loose two thousand coins this time. He agreed to complete. Again hundred carts were ready.
The forest guard once saw an artisan working with ivory. The guard was pleased to see the art work. He appreciated the artisan's carvings.
Only the king and his soldiers went near the deer. The deer felt the hunters have come. The king took his bow and arrow to shoot at the deer. The deer himself came in front of the king and said, O king! Stop shooting at me. I have something to ask you'.
Next day a group of elephants arrived there. The bird saw them and approached Gajaraj.
The deer thought hard and said, `I will go limping in front of the hunter.When he sees me, he will toss the sack on the ground and pursue me. I will lead him far away. Meanwhile, the mouse can cut open sack and free tortoise.'
The telling of stories round the camp fire or by the hearth has been going on for thousands of years, and some stories have spread far and wide, changing as they go. Here is a charming example that may be new to you.
It is a fable short story about bullying at animal farm. It reminds us that we can stop bullying. It reminds us that everyone is growing.It reminds us to respect each others.
It is just a story about shoes . It`s journey of lows and highs of its life .
For Jessie Bells, Kales the Magnificent And Jteetle whom I love to moon and back.
This is a simple tale of a ghost and the friendship of two in a little village.
Little Felix’s teacher asked him to write a fable. The boy sat at his desk, thinking. He knew that he had to write a good story and he applied his mind grimly to the task. He wrote-
Always, always there will be those who malign you but always remember sticks and stones may hurt your bones but words can never hurt you...then there are those who rise far above the maddening crowd and bring forth the kingdom of heaven...peace love and joy into your hearts and always...
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