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This is a short story about an unusual thief , his tactics and his motives.
This is the graveyard gang at their best and introduces Abaah who has walked into the plot while waiting for a bus.
There was a puggle name Babyangel she is a sweet dog. She is like a wonderful dog. I wish dogs could be as good as she is.
...and God stands here too, face to face with all things, with his bucket and spade, where watermelons grow on trees and the pool fills with salty tears...
Contrary to popular opinion, the boomerang was not invented by the Australian aboriginals. They were being used long before the aboriginals ever thought of using them. Here is the real story of how they were first discovered.
This tall story concerns a famous chess player called Akiba Rubinstein. Some of it is true, but other parts have been filled in for the sake of the story, and to help find a possible answer for a mystery that nobody really knows the real answer to this day.
What you are about to read is an example of imagination run amok. It's a bit politically incorrect, perhaps, but not bad.
Think of your memory as a vast, overgrown jungle. This memory jungle is thick with wild plants, exotic shrubs, twisted trees, and creeping vines. Its spreads over thousands of square miles---dense, tangled, forbidding.
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