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Do you ever wonder when God looks down from heaven and sees what we are doing to our own bodies? Is He laughing or is He upset? Your body is a temple of God.
"Give Not Thy Strentgh unto Women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings."- See Proverb 31:3. Don't ever move into a place that is bossed or owned by a woman. Get out as quickly as you can! Why? The word of God says it best!
My attempt to counter those within the Anarchist Movement that say "No God" by giving a personal glimpse into my psyche
We learn prayers from parents and we use them for comfort and solace, prayer is the key that can open the doors for opportunity, we are healed through effective fervent prayers, we are saved through the prayer of faith.
What do you think? If God made us adding a personal touch, can we all be called God's selfies?
Sure, some would say that prayer is the ultimate Aladdin's Lamp of power. I say it is infinitely more than that in good and bad ways. Prayer and God being an objectively powerful energy, not so much a consciousness, the consciousness comes from us, ourselves, prayer can be used either...
The relationship, or lack of relationship, between religion and morality
This article relates destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.God cannot tolerate sins of His people.
Are we really going to take birth again. I had no answer. i was confused myself. "maybe"i said, "we might reincarnate" He asked me again - "tell me pratik, Are we really going to be taking again the form of a human?Will i be able to meet my family again.... " Know more about the cycle...
The whole page talks about the Indian religion on a whole and finally progresses to the Mithila culture and religion in Bihar. it will demonstrate the customs and traditions that we follow............
When Pan Gu died, his breath became the wind and clouds, his voice the rolling thunder. One eye became the sun and another, the moon. His arms and lags became the four poles of the earth, his body turned to five big mountains. His blood formed the roaring water. His veins became far ...
Angels have visited our Earth at many times in our history. Who are these angels? This article gives the writer's own ideas on this. Read on, and see if you agree.
Shintoism is the indigenous religion of the Japanese people, its beliefs are forged in the fact that, both gods and spirits are found in all things living.
Voodoo was introduced to Louisiana by the African slaves. When voodoo was first introduced to Louisiana, the French would not approve or tolerate the religion.
Oneness gives itself as love to each of its infinite parts to sustain them. When you fight against oneness, you are only ever just fighting against yourself.
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