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This article is about Theodoric. An ancient historical figure who became ruler of not only his own tribe the Ostrogoths, but Rome as well. Read on for a quick look at how he did it.
On the U.S. Supreme Court sits nine unelected arbiters who enjoy lifetime appointments. They have the final say on contentious issues, and there is no one to check them because Congress is so dysfunctional.
The "Pilgrims were communists until they were rescued by capitalism" meme pops up every year at Thanksgiving. This page disputes the meme contending the Pilgrims sharing of provisions was based on weather and isolation rather than any economic philosophy.
The majestic, 610ft USS Indianapolis (CA-35) was the last major U.S. Navy ship to be sunk by enemy engagement during World War II and sadly she has her place in history due to the terrible circumstances which surround her sinking, that led to the greatest loss of life in one incident ...
One of the worst mining disasters that ever happened in the UK occurred at the Black Vein Colliery in Wales in 1860 resulting in the deaths of 146 men and boys.
After the excellent example of leadership by king David, other noble rulers took counsel together and try to defeat one another in battle strategies.
Well, we are still at the voting station to vote at the South African elections 2014, but it seems the problems never end. From the voting station opening late, to their scanner not working, to Mother forgetting her identity document, to our names not being on the voters roll.
Voting... what's the bloody use? In the end, cadres of the ANC who run the "Independent Electoral Commission" (IEC) are going to work it so that the ANC "miraculously" wins by some insane majority. Oh well, I guess going to vote at least gives them something to do: Having to manipu...
Some time in the morning, a farm attack occurs on a neighbouring farm belonging to Danny Bascal. Five black men attack Danny with guns, one of the attackers being someone who used to work for him.
So where were you when Nelson Mandela died? I was sleeping I think, or still watching TV, about to go to bed afterwards. Then broke the next morning...
The Union and the Confederacy came from the same founding fathers. Much of what the South did mirrored the North's actions of the late 1700s. While they didn't create their nation from scratch, they did improve it in several ways. Here's a brief comparison of their Constitutions and a...
Two decades ago on this day, the Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan organized the Million Man March, which descended on Washington, D.C.
West Virginia was probably the most unique state in America during the Civil War. Even its historical war stats make it unique. According to the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission (CWSAC), there were 15 battles in the state of West Virginia during the Civil War. But were there?
Although prominent citizens from Oregon died fighting for the Union, only one recorded battle of the Civil War occurred inside the boundaries of the state.
America was a new nation under a new kind of government. Here's a dozen American firsts.
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