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A veteran patient's wife packed up all her personal belongings including her husband's dentures. Because she knew he couldn't eat without his teeth.
An infant boy deserves at least an appropriate name after being born prematurely to a pair of alcoholics, Mr. and Mrs. Naught. The baby's life begins badly when they name him Zero because he's so small. As mean drunks, the Naughts frequently beat one another. Fortunately, they don't s...
If one of your little friends seems to always get his way, always be nice to him because your happy life might depend on it. Above all, never steal from him because your happy death might depend on it.
The gods have always persecuted me for my devout atheism. Unfortunately, my death has dropped me into a hell far worse than eternal fire. I am very afraid of snakes. Not only are the gods real, they have a nasty sense of humor.
Zombies may not talk much, but that doesn't mean they're lacking in intellect.
A strange house...strange people. Someone visits a house to get directions. The house is lit, but at first sight it appears unoccupied....
The story of how I finally confronted the evil which had been haunting my bedroom closet.
The story of a local hometown legend. The ghost story of the Dover Creature.
Halloween is coming. This is Part 2 of 3 of a story of mystery and horror that borrows its setting from the place where I grew up and bears allusion to a real historical mystery that has yet to be resolved.
This horror story depicts about our society where killing is rampant. It seems human beings become weaker this time ; killing is rampant and life is made ordinary and ugly.
This is most grotesque and is representative of those many wrongdoers around the world who parade as good. Even here on wikinut we have them..so if the caps fits...wear it...
This is the second part of a story of murder, mystery, and an unusual parrot. There is a bit of blood and gore towards the end.
This is a story of murder, mystery, and an unusual parrot. There is a bit of blood and gore towards the end.
This horrible story may happen to anyone in reality if not careful in choosing someone to date with, to love with and marry with.Knowing someone's character takes months and years.Never be in a hurry,wait for the right time and the right person to avoid regrets at the end.
September is 'Zombie Awareness Month', or so I've been told; and a few years ago, I was asked by my then publisher to write a zombie story for the occasion.
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