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A melancholic poem describing the feelings of a man who just lost his mother, who is going to be cremated in a short while.
this is a poem remembering the people who died in the terror attacks earlier this year. May their soul rest in peace.
Exactly where is the line between what living things you would kill without a wink, and what you wouldn't?
I get more rather sad news on my cellphone today. My holistic health doctor has passed away.
It's never nice to hear that everybody around you is dying. But alas, life shall not stop killing everything that's living and bringing new living things into being. Such is life. Which is a deceptive name if life doesn't just mean life but also death. Well, here we go again, one ...
At breakfast, Mother's phone rings. It's Lucy, one of Lassie's daughters. Mother had notified her before to come so that we can hand her a little something. The little something is an envelope with a card and a thousand rands to help with the funeral costs.
Eventually everybody you know are suddenly dead. Dead dead dead. What was the point you say? Well there was no other point other than that they lived and then died. It's the way it was designed. Living creature dies at some point. And now, Lassie is dead.
There was a time when I thought Twitter and Facebook would provide me with good free advertising capabilities. Build a fanbase for your product and service on there, and the world is your oyster, right?
One rainy morning very early, almost still dark, Marzeus is on his computer when he hears a funny bird outside. It's such an odd sound.
They arrive home at Tower Hills. Marzeus gets out of the van and goes to Tower Mansion. In there, Mom is sitting by her computer.
Vic Sotto, others mourn for the passing of comedian-actor Redford White, 54, who died July 25, 2010 and survived by his wife Elena, daughters Jerui and Jinky.
Why are executions carried out at night? It appears to be because of the issuing of a death warrant, rules, and regulations. Stanley Tookie Williams is a famous execution carried out at night
The tragic death female engineering students in the engineering department of the University of Montreal was the first school shooting in Montreal in 1999. The Dawson College shooting was the second school shooting on September 13, 2006.
I lost an old friend this week and sought comfort once again in the ink of a pen and a blank piece of paper, I wish I could have written more into her life's story. I wish I had been a better friend.
When you get to the graveyard after the last breath...
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