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So, here I go again. Another love lost. Another relationship ends. Get ready. I'm gonna write about it.
A poem I wrote about a young lady I knew several years ago.
A poem about a typical night spent with my girlfriend and her little white dog, Ellie.
A poem about life catching up to you and coming to some sobering realizations.
A poem about nothing in particular. It's one of those poems that wrote itself.
A poem about the damage that people can do to others and how that damage may never be undone.
A poem about the hot summers from my earlier days in northeast Texas.
A poem about a moment that almost happened but didn't and wondering about what if.
A poem about the feeling that you are going nowhere and wondering what to do about it.
A poem about having your heart broken and moving on despite the pain.
A poem about how we may keep certain things that remind us of certain events.
A poem about coming to the realization that not only is your life blowing around on the wind but your relationship, as well.
A poem about my first serious girlfriend and what it was like to go see her.
Finally, got a break from the busy holiday. Just want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a blessed New Year.
A poem about standing in my front yard and coming to the sudden realization that my lawn is just a giant miniature jungle.
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